Some OR nurses need to get a grip... really!

  1. Ok. So I have been in my internship for a few months now. So far, not too bad. Well today I got fussed out by a service team manager... why??? Because I went to the bathroom yesterday before the start of a case and today I went before the start of a case (my preceptor wanted to go before the case started and so did I so we both went, YET, I got fussed out). The manager said I had been going all week (yeah, right... not)... and she added that she was told I was gone for 15 minutes... WRONG AGAIN! So... afterwards, I went to my main teachers and spoke with them concerning this. This is RIDICULOUS folks!! I could see breaking IN A CASE yes..... but going in-between AND the room was all set up and we're just waiting for the patient-- we were justing sitting there... come on. I spoke with a co-worker who has been an RN for many years, and she said it sounded like someone was just picking on me and singling me out. I think she is right. One teacher sided with the manager, the other teacher sided with me thinking it was SO PICKY.

    I also told them I am on 40 meq of liquid KCL daily and have to drink with it, and at times, use the bathroom. I also told them I have NEVER broken in a case to use the bathroom... I only go to the bathroom when there is time in-between cases... I think this particular person is off her rocker! Ok, so WHEN are you supposed to go the bathroom then?? I am on KCL too, so I have a medical need here. Is this how the OR is??? Not a happy camper....AAAAHHHHH!!!
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  3. by   Double-Helix
    That's bizarre... Why is it anyone else's concern how often you use the bathroom, provided your work is done and patients are cared for? If you feel comfortable saying so, I'd make it clear that your bathroom breaks are your business and if she has a problem with it then she can take it to your manager.
  4. by   trinsia
    Hi, Epona, I know some senior nurse in OR just from the old school. They are make it harder for the new comers. You just need to be strong and positive. If you feel you are being targeted keep record of the incidence and file a formal complaint. Good luck!
  5. by   Altra
    I'm sorry you're continuing to have difficulties in this specialty area as well.
  6. by   CrunchRN
    Sounds like someone doesn't like you.......
  7. by   Epona
    I agree everyone. I believe that manager just does not like me. Proof... the manager was supposed to scrub with me (act as my preceptor), and she assigned someone else to do it. She did not want to scrub with me. Yeah. Funny though how things come back to get you.... WELL... the silly manager of the service assigned another girl to scrub with me who was also pretty new. We had a very tough and long case that day. LOTS of instruments and tables. Many specimens. The attending got very upset because we were slow and ran into some issues. The doc. complained. She said to us both "Why are you teaching a brand new person when you are new yourself??" Word got around that we stunk that day. The manager walked in yesterday and said 'DR. X is on my blank list!" She was upset and had a terrible day. See... you reap what you sow!! Had she been there as the more experienced scrub, there would have been no issues, but she did not want to work with me, assigned two newbies on the case... and the attending was furious! It got all around the OR that her service had no idea how to work the case! LOL!

    Today was much better as the preceptor was wonderful, patient, and willing to teach. That manager came in the room for something and she yelled at me to turn around... I just let it go. I am out of her rotation after tomorrow!

    Thanks all! Have a good night!
  8. by   jeckrn
    I have a few questions about what happened to see if the SM was off base

    It sounds like you where scrubed in, is that correct?

    Did your preceptor leave before you?

    How many staff were left in the room after you left?
  9. by   Sun0408
    Nurses aren't supposed to pee for 12 -13 hours or even longer.. Don't worry, your bladder will adjust hehe..

    Just kidding.. Some people you can do no right
  10. by   Epona

    1. No. I was not scrubbed in. I have never broken scrub when I was scrubbed. I have only gone to the bathroom when we were in-between cases.

    2. The preceptor left, then I did shortly thereafter. We left around the same time.

    3. The circulator was in the room when we left. We were all set-up (not scrubbed in yet, it was actually a clean-contaminated case so it was not imperative we scrub in). Everything was ready, just waiting for the patient.

    Today the manager was talking to the other Intern in the room, who she has been VERY NICE too. I walked up to listen in as she was explaining how to run the room, tips, etc. and she looked over at me and I said 'I just wanted to listen in.' She looked away and the entire rest of the conversation as she's teaching, talking, she looked directly at the other Intern and never once made eye contact with me. So, yeah... she just dislikes me. Period. I did nothing wrong. I have been in the program since Jan. If there was a 'potty' issue don't you think it would have surfaced by now?? My thoughts exactly. The manager was off her rocker. Some people just don't like you for whatever reason and they pick stupid stuff to harp on. I am out of her rotation and life goes forward.

    Thanks all.. Happy Easter!
  11. by   jeckrn
    It sure sounds like se does not like you. I agree if you had any issues about the BR it should have surfaced by now.
  12. by   mimiRN79
    It is ridiculous that they made such a huge issue about the bathroom break, provided there was no compromise in patient care.

    As an OR nurse of 11 years who was trained by "battle axes", a word of advice.

    I would not play the whole "the manager doesn't like me" card too openly in public. Unless the manager is universally despised, it will be spun in a manner that casts you in a somewhat unfavorable light.

    Also, if your OR is like all the one's I have worked in, word got around the OR that the two newbies were having issues and couldn't hack the big case. Just understand the sword is double edged. While they may be talking about your manager, they are most likely also talking about you. If word got around that "her team" didn't know how to run the case, as part of the team, that reflects on you as well as the other team members and the manager. That is never a good thing to have going around about any team/room despite how it makes your manager look bad. OR nurses are notorious for baptisms by fire. If as a newbie you pass, you are golden. Perceived failure creates a whole different ball of wax.

    Good luck in your endeavors. OR is a great specialty. The majority of OR nurses are tough nuts to crack but if you work them the right way, they are a wealth of knowledge.