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  1. trinsia

    OR Pet peeves

    I am really amazed at how OT nurse used as cleaner and ordly.
  2. Hi, Epona, I know some senior nurse in OR just from the old school. They are make it harder for the new comers. You just need to be strong and positive. If you feel you are being targeted keep record of the incidence and file a formal complaint. Good luck!
  3. trinsia

    Back injury: stories & support for an injured RN

    Hi, scrubby, I admired your gut to fight for your rights. I had back injury at the end of sep2010. Cleared work cover at end of 2011. But my backpack on and off. Last week it got worse and did ct scan had another disc ybuldging. I am working in theatre too. How is your back now..
  4. trinsia

    Work Injury, need advice

    Hi, I am just wondering how are you cope now. Did you find a job at last?