Picking cases?

  1. If you finish your cases for the day, are you expected to pick cases and push them to the rooms? How many people work in your supply area, or how many would you expect at a ten-room hospital?
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  3. by   ewattsjt
    for my facility, the answer is yes but only after the room had been stocked and terminally cleaned. it does not occur very often. we have about 8 people in decontamination and central/per 6 or room facility. that number included evening shift.
  4. by   TracyB,RN
    Hmmm. Our SPD picks our cases, unless it's an emergent add-on, for which we have some case carts already picked, but not specific to any surgeon. Basically, trays, drapes, the like...
    Our SPD has 4 day shift employees 2 pms & on call for overnights & weekends. We have 4 OR's, 1 heart room & one room used for hearts or "quick cases" for add-ons.
    If it's a slow afternoon & we know what we will be doing the next day, we pick the little stuff like suture, gloves, hypos, that will be used for the cases the next day. SPD doesn't pick the litlle stuff like that. Once that's all done, the person who has done all that extra little stuff usually gets assigned to a different room for the following day... Go figure.
  5. by   KristinWW
    No, I mean as part of your job responsibilities, every day, when you are finished with your cases (if you finish before your shift ends - ha!). Our institution now has a policy that you'll be written up if you pick incorrectly, too.
  6. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Evening shift does this if they have nothing to do. It's not required, though.
  7. by   KristinWW
    Right, and so has our evening shift at every other hospital I've ever worked in.
  8. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Now if it's late enough in the evening, i'll pick and sort for the carts the next day for the room i'll be in, that way all i need to do is yank the cart in the room.
  9. by   tessa_RN
    SPD puts the buggies together for us and when we get them upstairs on evening shift we will put the things on the buggy that they dont keep down stairs..We push the buggies to the room....We are also responsible for making sure suture is picked (which it should be on day shift but I have came on evening shift and had to pick suture for 10 rooms).
  10. by   ewattsjt
    if our cases are finished early, which is almost never, and we have restocked your room, we have to either finish picking the cases. if a couple of rooms are finished early, only one team has to stay and pick cases while everyone else has the choice of picking cases or going home. i am unaware of anyone here being written up. we are to check the carts that are already picked, item by item.
  11. by   kleinbbc
    Yes my place has the same thing and try to write you up if you don't stock your room. I just take my sweet ass time pulling the case making sure everything is pulled on the list. Look at what they pay us RN's to SPD personal so take your time.