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Want to get feedback about how we all handle pt concerns about modesty and/or being naked as part of surgery. Concerns about who sees them and for how long? Why do they need to be naked? When is the... Read More

  1. by   Intern67
    Quote from dudette10
    So, it does make one wonder about that practice if general anesthesia always makes you run the risk of defecation or urination while under.
    When I learned about anesthesia in class, I decided to never ever undergo general anesthesia outside of a hospital setting. More concerned with ABC issues rather than incontinence.
  2. by   canoehead
    Quote from dudette10

    So, it does make one wonder about that practice if general anesthesia always makes you run the risk of defecation or urination while under.
    It's the same drugs and the same level of sedation, but for less time. So if you are under for 15 minutes your bladder is less likely to fill and release involuntarily. I haven't seen general anesthesia outside an operating room though, and in every operating room I know of they get the patients naked, no matter what the procedure. Maybe your hospital is different, or maybe they are just doing a moderate sedation?
  3. by   Cul2
    What criteria are used to insert a foley cath? Is it the length
    of the surgery, the type of surgery, a combination of both?
    Are there other factors entering into this decision?
  4. by   brokenvessel
    Three stories to share...yes, three... after the vaginal delivery of my second baby (not a nurse at the time) the Dr told the nurse to "put her under". No explanation given, just "put her under". I worriedly turned to my husband to ask him to pray for me, because I was SCARED, and one nurse grabbed my left hand, restrained it, as the other nurse restrained my right one, and a mask was forced over my face to administer anesthesia!! The Dr then Shoved his Large Male sized Hand into my uterus and RIPPED the placenta from the wall of my uterus!!! I know, I know, you're thinking, she just delivered a Baby,how much of a Stretch (pardon the pun) is that anyway? He then proceeded to sew me up. I never went "under" and I remember the whole thing vividly. (20 something years later). Being a mild mannered person that I am (really, I normally AM) as soon as they took the mask off my face I gave the Dr a piece of my mind, (which I'm sure meant nothing to him, but it made me feel better).
  5. by   Anne36
    brokenvessel, omg, I had forgotten about a similar experience with my first baby until you told your story. Very painful, I had a natural delivery and no kind of medication at all. I still dont understand why that was done.
  6. by   brokenvessel
    Story #2: Went into have my gallbladder removed, laying on the table in OR, they tell me to count to ten backwards. 10 9 8 7 6...(OH GOD...I can't breathe!! God? do they know I can't breathe? Please God, I'm scared, please tell them I can't breathe!! What are they doing? I can feel that! Don't they know I can feel that??) As they are cutting my abdomen open I hear someone saying "did you see that? her stomach just she under?"...
    After that I don't know what happened, so apparently they put me UNDER! no one told me about intubation, what that meant, or that it would be done to me, and I didn't know enough to Ask prior to the surgery.
    Holy crap! When I asked the surgeon about it when he came to check on me he looked over at the intern who was working on me, and they both just looked at each other, and didn't say a word. Needless to say, the anesthesiologist was in my room in no time at all apologizing, and we never did get billed for his 'services'.
    FYI, they now have monitors that are placed on your temples and scalp to monitor for some type of brain activity that indicates paralysis versus being "under".
    Now I never want to have surgery again!! Hope I never have to.
  7. by   brokenvessel
    Story #3 My 20 yr old dtr w/ 18cm 'fluid filled cyst' on her ovary prepping for surgery. They give her Valium to relax her (she's a bit of a fraidy-cat). The anesthesiologist comes in, introduces himself to her and she says "Please don't treat me like just another pt. don't talk about me while I'm under...please treat me w/ respect". The Dr looks at me, and the OB-GYN & says "Of course I'll treat you w/ respect! Why would you say that?" "When I was in high school I took a class & we went & rotated through the hospital. I saw a lady have her eye operated on, and everyone just tossed her around like she was a piece of meat on the table, because she was under anesthesia. I don't want to be treated that way, even if I'm"under".
    The anesthesiologist came out after he got her sedated, and said "It took us quite a while to get her safely sedated, she was fighting the anesthesia to the point that I was afraid to give her any more! But finally, it kicked in, and she did fine."
    We never know how our actions will affect others. we need to always be mindful to treat others as we want to be treated. ALWAYS...even if they're 'under'!! Thanks for your ear! goodday y'all
  8. by   TDCHIM
    Okay, brokenvessel, all those stories made my insides curl up and shrink into each other. My God, being AWAKE but having everyone think you're out?? I feel like I'm going to be sick just imagining it. I'm glad there's a method to detect such situations now, but it makes it no less terrifying an experience for you!
  9. by   NotFlo
    What I saw when I did an OR observation in nursing school really made me hope I never have to have any type of surgery that requires general anesthesia.

    There were a few things, but the one that bothered me the most was a middle-aged woman in for a lap chole. She did meet the "F's" criteria, and she was slightly overweight. No where near obese, just a bit soft in the middle.

    When she was out the surgeon start signing some song he made up about how fat and jiggly her belly was, and he was demonstrating by poking it and making it jiggle while the nurses and techs in the room tittered and giggled behind their masks.
  10. by   TDCHIM
    Okay, I have to stop reading this thread or I'll never have another surgery again....
  11. by   CFitzRN
    Sorry in advance for TMI, but for precisely the reasons being mentioned in this thread, I have avoided having much-needed hemorrhoid surgery. After having my 2nd son, who was 10.5 lbs, I developed horrific external hemorrhoids. Then my 3rd son was 24" long and 10 lbs and they became even worse. Add 1 more son to the mix (the first was also a boy - 4 boys total) and let's just say my bottom is a bit of a mess. I would love so much to be able to go in and have this fixed, but I am mortified by the whole thing. I know without a doubt I will be the butt (har har) of jokes in that OR.
  12. by   suanna
    And my friends wonder why I am living with a GB full of stones. I'm not shy-naked isn't my worry, but I'm not a fan of a few of the O.R. staff and thier attitude toward patients. I'm going to try to avoid fried food for as long as I can.
  13. by   brillohead
    When I had knee surgery five years ago, they told me to bring "shorts with no metal on them" to the hospital. When it was time to get prepped, they had me put on a gown for the top and my shorts for the bottom. Considering that I was basically spread-eagle in the stirrups the whole time with my gown pushed up around my waist, I was glad to have the extra coverage, particularly since I was fully conscious for the whole thing.