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tell me if this is right...the SURGICAL TEAM: OR techs circulating in the OR for abdominoplasty, liposuction, and breast there something missing in the picture?... Read More

  1. by   elcue
    [FONT="Comic Sans MS"]I haven't lived in California since '89, but back then you could report questionable practice/file complaints with the Board of Medical Quality Assurance. Start with that onthe web and see where it takes you. Good luck. Linda
  2. by   gooch951
    thanks so much for your help and guidance..i hate myself for being so nieve and trusting..thought only people like that existed in books and movies!

    may i borrow your stick sunnyjohn?
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    Quote from elcue
    I haven't lived in California since '89, but back then you could report questionable practice/file complaints with the Board of Medical Quality Assurance. Start with that onthe web and see where it takes you. Good luck. Linda
    thank you linda!
  4. by   inspir8tion
    Definitely report him. You'll be a great patient advocate for all his future patients.
  5. by   jer_sd
    Go to the california medical board website and lookup the position on ambulatory surgical centers. I believe off the top of my head that is they provide concious sedation or anesthesia in an outpatient setting that it must be credentialed as an ambulatory surgical center. If they are doing procedures without accreditation it is a huge fine something like 10k per occurance. If the procedure is done under local only it may be legal (5 bucks says they would go lido toxic if attempted for thoes procedures) if the site is accredited by Aaahc or some other recognized body it is worth a complaint.

    Rns are there to protect and care for patients. You can probably get by without in preop (but who starts the IV, verifies lab work, verifies NPO, and does all the legal paperwork the MD?) but during procedure and recovery.... Bad idea.
  6. by   paigeRN1962
    I am in the same situation..just started a new job....scary.....physician-trained "medical assistants" who scrub and circulate in a plastic surgery ambulatory surgical center. I am orienting and seeing things I question but am not familiar with what are state regulations for an ambulatory surgery center. The doc says he does the assessments, no need or a nursing assessment and he takes on the liability however the RN completes the paperwork and signs the operative record and in many cases, gives conscious sedation. I am not comfortable taking on the liability for something I haven't been in the room to see nor have I ever taken care of patients I haven't assessed. The sponge and needle counts are not routinely done and if they are, their technique is inconsistant at best. Drugs on the back table aren't labelled, sterile technique is a joke....saw one of the scrub techs giving a visiting surgeon a back rub while they were supposed to both be sterile and scrubbed in. The RN was in and out of the room and trying to do 10 things at once.....this is why we are adding more RN staff. I have no idea how we are going to reconcile the narcotic count when there are umpteen mgs unaccounted for of Fentanyl and other scheduled drugs in multidose vials. No written orders for PACU pain meds--- just verbal and not written later and co-signed. I don't feel I can criticize as I have been there only a week but I also feel there has got to be some tighter controls within the OR or I am concerned my license will be in jeopardy. I am not going to administer any narcotics without a narcotic count which isn't even being done once a week and I know it needs to be at the begining and end of each day. I've spoken to the other nurse that was hired with me and she is as nervous as I am and we want to do the right thing but it's hard when egos are involved and we are new (15 yrs of nursing experience though). Where can I find standards for office surgery concerning narcotics and supervision of UAP's? The nurse in charge has only 3 yrs of nursing experience and has been bulied by the doctor to cut corners and ignore protocol.....we want to back her up and the 3 of us stand together and do the right thing however I an see this is going to take some very careful negotiation because the surgeon is extremely controlling and doesn't see the problem because "this is how we've always done it and had no problem" .....which is not entirely true. Sometimes I miss the hospital where I didn't have these kind of problems...however there certainly were many others to deal with!
  7. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    I'm very surprised that the doc would allowed this. I mean, aside from the fact it's just plain wrong, his arse would go down for all of that too.
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    I DID! and didn't get paid!!!!!!! what a nightmare!RRRRRRRRRRR!!!
    Call the state dept. of health. Now. A call to your state's AG might be in order too.