Is Periop 101 needed?

  1. Hello,
    Needing insight? Tips? Advice? Help?
    I have been an LPN for 4 years and worked in the operating room. I preformed as both scrub and circulator.
    I recently graduated with my RN and want to continue working in the OR.
    I have been offered 2 amazing opportunities.
    1. Periop 101 with a large state of the art University hospital.
    2. New grad OR position with a smaller local hospital.
    Periop 101 is a 6 month training course and wouldn't start for a couple of months, it also requires a 2 year commitment to the hospital.
    The new grad OR position would start right away without a commitment.
    My question is, would Periop 101 benefit me as I have 4 years operating room experience?
    Obviously every operating room is different and hands on learning is required. Does Periop 101 have any advantages that I would be missing out on if I didn't take that opportunity.
    Thank you all for your help.
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  3. by   Rose_Queen
    Periop101 is considered the gold standard in US OR nursing. Without knowing more about your experience, it would be difficult to say whether it would benefit you or not. All of our STs who go on to nursing school do complete Periop101; however, they cannot circulate. (And honestly, I'm surprised that as an LPN you were able to circulate- many states require RN circulators and CMS requires immediate availability of an RN)

    That's not to say that Periop101 is the only orientation that is acceptable. Some facilities have developed their own orientation program that is tailored specifically to their needs.
  4. by   MNNurseJoJo
    Thank you for your response. It sounds like having periop 101 would be a great addition to my skills and resume. It seems to be a wonderful opportunity to build on my prior experience. It's hard to turn down a direct hire opportunity for a training program. But I believe the experience of periop 101 will be worth it.
  5. by   traumaRUs
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  6. by   ctsurgeryscrubrn
    Agreed with all - Periop 101 provides a solid foundation to start your career in the O.R. There is a textbook that was referred to me early-on by a colleague and it was amazing - Berry & Kohn's Operating Technique. It's written by a CNOR and provided a lot of depth to concepts that I had only touched on.

    I recently wrote a paper / guide on Operating Room Etiquette based on interviews with some of the best OR scrubs and Surgical PAs that I know - would be more than willing to share if interested.
  7. by   SweetSouthernLove
    It can only increase your knowledge, especially from a nursing standpoint.
  8. by   KristinWW
    Periop 101 is great IF it is the branded AORN Periop 101. There are many hospitals and community colleges that purchase products from AORN and are not allowed to use the term AORN Periop 101 because they are not. You'll know because they will call the program perioperative training course or something similar. Sadly, these programs also skimp elsewhere, and the training is a waste of time. Good luck, Jojo!