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    What's the least saturated specialty in APRN?

    @soljhs I have seen a pickup in significant pickup in demand for perioperative APRNs with an RNFA / First Assist Certification and Experience.
  2. Background: I wrote an article a little over a year ago about what 'Being on the table taught me about treating on the table'. I was diagnosed with Marfan syndrome as a child and required an AVR in September-2016. I am a scrub nurse on our high-risk ...
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    OR nurse pursing NP

    @ArmyRN79 Couldn't agree more! Do you scrub or circulate?
  4. Has anybody been in a trauma case where the patient had two significant injuries that required establishing two separate surgical fields (sequentially)? I was called in at 2AM for an adolescent MVA - she was evaluated in trauma and scans indicated th...
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    OR nurse pursing NP

    @scrubulator Hi there - I got my FNP two years ago and it did take a bit of 'refresher studying' to re-acquaint myself with bedside nursing. I've only been in OR Nursing (specifically CT & Trauma) since I obtained my BSN. In some ways, I was able...
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    What do you like about OR nursing?

    Hi Alex! I started nursing school in the Operating Room. I did a 6-month Perioperative Nursing residency to facilitate the transition and was selected to scrub on our high-risk open heart team (mainly re-do re-do's, high-risk patients, aortic patholo...
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    Bedside / ICU Surgery (Decompressive Laparotomies)

    Thank you! The ex-lap we had to do bedside was on a 10 yo who had been in a bad MVA and had a major liver laceration that was done via emergent laparotomy two days before. It was a bloodbath going back in, especially in a non-operative environment.
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    Bedside / ICU Surgery (Decompressive Laparotomies)

    Thank you, Rose. Always such great advice. Had an emergent laparotomy in the PICU this evening for ACS. Was a total blood bath - had to get wiped down several times by the circulator. Parents were right outside - was awful as they could hear us strug...
  9. Hello - In addition to my Cardiothoracic scrub position, I was nominated to join our new ‘ICU / PICU / SICU rapid response team’ that will be responsible for assisting in bedside rescue surgeries (mainly decompressive laparotomies for ACS and thoraco...
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    Rejected from OR nurse residency

    @Reaz I went through Northwestern’s Perioperative Nurse Residency program and can certainly give you some perspective on my class and the types of nurses I went through the program with...if that helps.
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    Most “exciting” surgical specialty

    I scrub Cardiothoracic and also take call on our Level-1 Trauma service. They are both ‘exciting’, but I think Level-1 Trauma is probably where you get the most amount of adrenaline. Nothing gets my blood rushing like hearing over the intercom that w...
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    Hey there - I am a CRNFA and get to practice in that capacity in Cardiothoracic Surgery. It is definitely an institution-specific thing. I have heard of people going through an RNFA certificate program and never getting to function in that capacity. ...
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    How do I get an OR job?

    Hi Theresa! Is there a particular specialty you are shooting for, or are you applying to a general float OR Nurse position? More than happy to add my perspective.
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    Is it impossible to get in OR or what?

    Yes - I would agree that the best way into the O.R. at a top institution is through a formal residency program offered by the hospital.
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    Pre-Op Surgical Team Walk-Through's

    I scrub on a high-risk CT team (mainly high-risk and complex aortic procedures with pathology (Marfan, etc.) and re-do cases). Recently, our team started doing 20 - 30 min pre-op walk-through's whereas the entire team will get together and the surgeo...