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So one day they rushed this male patient over to the OR from the ER for an exploratory lap. Fine! No! Problem! I've done that many times. Sure I was only into my second year as a RN working in... Read More

  1. by   liveintheOR
    Ok, I've got to share the way strange... A guy in his 60's comes to the OR for a cysto and he has a gold necklace stuck up in his penis and bladder. He says it's a birthday present for his wife and he was hiding it until her birthday!!!! Yea right...remember this when you run out of hiding places for your Christmas presents this year.

    Another guy comes in with a shot glass in his rectum(his wife is with him). They want the shot glass back--it's their favorite one they say. Yuck!!

    No offense, but it's always guys that come in with weird stuff in body cavities. Oh well-- it makes for good stories.
  2. by   CATHYW
    Well, I have to say that the chisel story made me cringe, and not a lot of things do that, anymore! Getting a sexual kick out of doing stuff like that makes about as much sense to me as pedophilia. I just don't get it! (No pun intended....)

    One Sunday morning about 10 a.m., a guy brought his wife in, hemorrhaging......came on suddenly, no pregnancy, not period time. BRIGHT RED blood, I might add, and copius amounts of it. The ER was absolutely slam-crammed, all rooms were taken. I got her in the main traua room, called her OB, X3 over 30 mins. No answer. Woman going down tubes fast, getting pale, tachy, put O2 on her and asked ER MD (Who she didn't want to check her) for order for IV and bolodwork. Thank God, he gave permission. Finally got the on-call OB/GYN to come in-he was teetotally pi**ed off that he had to come in, and that we had no rooms for a proper exam. Exam was done on trauma stretcher with patiets buttocks elevated on bedpan, physician up on one knee on stretcher with speculum and swabs, me HOLDING A FLASHLIGHT for the exam, and monitoring the patient. After many attempts to swab away the blood to try to find the source, the OB/GYN decided to take the patient to surgery stat. I questioned the husband and wife upon arrival as to the cause-rough sex, what? Husband had fingernails bitten down to the quick, no blood on them. Wife had short nails. Asked patient, did you allow someone to put something up there? She, quietly and calmly bleeding out, "no, nothing." Post surg, the Dr. came back to the ER to tell me what the hell had happened. He found a 1/2 inch lac in the fundus of her uterus! No pregnancy, no nothing in there, just the lac. He said he questioned the husband repeatedly, and he continued to deny any knowledge of a cause.

    Verse 2: The week following this, I had a lady in a GYN room who came in complaining of heavy bleeding that 'wasn't menstrual." She was a lot more straightforward-she was having an affair, and the night before, while her husband thought she was at a bank meeting (she worked for a small, hometown bank) she was having "rough sex" with her paramour. She is bleeding heavily, but it is darker than the other patient. Her special request of me? Get the Doctor to tell her husband (who is with her, just outside the door!) some other cause for the problem! Turns out she had a lac to her cervix. The GYN said that she should go to surg, she refused. He said, well, I can pack you, but I don't know if that will be adequate enough. She said, DO IT! I have to get back to work! Was this woman living in her own little world, or what? She got packed-never knew if that was all that was required-she was D/C'd from the ER to go home and rest, but she told me she had to go to work, or people "would wonder." Imagine the lies she must have been telling...
    Yummmmm, GYN stories!

    I was very new to ob/gyn at the time. We got his patient who had been noticing a foul odor for quite some time. No period for about 4 months. Finally got soooo bad, that her buddies wouldn't come over and smoke crack with her anymore because she stunk so bad, and she wasn't making as much money at her chosen profession (prostitute) because of the odor.

    The culprit? An old tampon. Very old.

    I don't think any rational woman with a decent IQ can understand that one. Like, "OOPS! I forgot I left that in there!"

    After removal, PA's ordered hydrogen peroxide douches. I have never seen that stuff foam up as much as I did that day.

  4. by   nursejws
    Speaking of tampons...many years ago I had this friend that thought she was about to start her cycle (that day) so she put in a tampon. (sorry guys) She had a date that night with her bf and new they'd probably have sex. This ditz...she didn't find a minute to take it out and they proceeded to have sex and the tampon was pushed in farther. Now what I want to know is how the heck did the guy not notice!?!?! She had to go to the dr to have it removed.
    Jeri - that story is gross on so many levels!

  6. by   nursejws
  7. by   suzannasue
    Oh yeah...tampon stories...
    Was assisting ob/gyn in had horrible odor "down there"...
    he removed ancient decaying tampon, then I had to get an ammonia pearl to revive HIM...he passed out from the became insulted and indignant...the only thing I can equate the odor to is "mid August,decaying road kill"...
    Also had female presenting with vaginal discharge...had a putrid sweet potato lodged way up in yall tell did she forget where she left her tater???????
    A former friend of mine had an IUD...well...she had a fling with a man who was rather "well endowed" so the morning after she was experinceing vaginal bleeding which becamne worse during the day while at work. She went to GYN's office and he could not "feel" the string attached to her IUD, thus he inserted another IUD. She left the office and began cramping,hemorrhaging and went back to the GYN's office,passed out in the reception area...doc picks her up,puts her into his own car (this was before 911)...took her to hospital...x-ray revealed original IUD was lodged in her fundus...ahem....dear God...she had to have a hysterectomy, her uterus was in such bad shape....ick...two weeks post op,she calls same fella,and guess who had post op hemorrhage?????? Some are sicker than others.................
  8. by   TravelerAdvisor
    Hate to think about the oder!
    Originally posted by suzannasue
    now yall tell did she forget where she left her tater???????

    Heather (one girl that always knows where she left her tater!)
  10. by   mmckinneyrn
    I can relate to these bizarre events! We had a patient that injected blown insulation into her bladder. It took 13 hours in the cysto room (on 3 different occasions) to remove the stuff piece by piece. Another patient came to surgery to have a foreign object removed from her bladder, it was a clitoral stimulator, she said it slipped right in there. She demanded that we sterilize it and return it to her, she said it was expensive! Another fun weekend in the OR.
  11. by   nrw350
    DANG!!! People are insane! lol.

  12. by   Shannonrw
    We recently had a prisoner who came in and had 133 plastic spoon handles removed from his stomach. He was trying to kill himself. Freaky and of course I had to see the "spoons" for myself.
    It is always interesting to see what has been left in the foreign body box after the weekend too.
  13. by   JaneRNBSN
    This is bizarre, but very sad. A young paraplegic tried to commit suicide by sawing through both upper thighs with a butter knife! Someone caught him before he made it to the arteries. He lived.