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  1. liveintheOR

    Wish me luck!

    Hey girl! Where are you moving to? What part of the mtns do you live in now? I grew up in Tucker co., but work in Parkersburg now.
  2. liveintheOR

    Need Advice On The Excelsior Program

    I graduated from Regents ( now Excelsior) in 1999. There were only 6 nursing exams then and I also had to take micro. I had been an LPN for 7 years working TELE/ ICU stepdown and surgery. The CPNE exam was nerve wracking. I think it would have been very difficult to pass without the clinical experience I had. To take it without enough experience may lead to failure. The first patient I had required alot of care, including trach care. I did not learn that in LPN school, but had done it nearly every day on the floor. I had 3 adult patients and 2 Peds patients for my CPNE. There were 5 of us taking the exam at the same time. Of the 5, three had taken the exam and failed previously. I used study guides from The College Network (which I still have). They helped me alot, but they cost about $2000. I also purchased the video about the CPNE. I started the exams in Dec 1998 and finished in Oct 1999. I took my CPNE in early Dec 1999, and my NCLEX in Jan 2000. I passed the NCLEX after finishing 75 questions. I have heard a few comments about how I got my degree, but the proof is in how I care for my patients. I was a good LPN and I am a very good RN. I wish others who are in this program the best of luck. You cannot be too prepared for the CPNE.
  3. liveintheOR

    CPNE in Columbus Nov 4-6...this really bites!

    I took my CPNE in Columbus in Oct 1999. It was at Ohio State Univ. and also at Children's. The instructors were very professional. Remember to measure I/O's carefully and chart everything! Good Luck!
  4. liveintheOR

    Do you feel valued in your current nursing position?

    The answer is NOOOOOOOOOO---that's why I'm looking for a new job after 13 years. I work in surgery now, but don't even care if I find another OR job. Sad day for me because I love surgery, but can't take the ABUSE anymore!
  5. liveintheOR

    video laparoscopy complication

    I have never seen the aorta punctured with a trocar. However, I have seen the iliac artery punctured while doing a laparoscopic appy on an eight yr. old. The surgeon was new to our facility and we had used his partners preference card to set up the case--as an open appy. The surgeon comes in and insists that our setup be changed to laparoscopic. He had told the patient's mother that he would not make an incision, just a couple of small punctures and about 20 minutes!! I explained to her that in any laparoscopic case that there was always the possibility of having a incision. She insisted that the doctor promised her that he would not make an incision. Long story short, he punctured the iliac artery with a 5mm trocar. Blamed us for having lousy equipment. Of course he ended up with a large incision, came back a week later with a huge abcess ( the appendix had ruptured), had to be packed open. The surgeon even bragged after the case how good he was at sewing the artery --- he does not, thank God, have vascular priviledges. What a mess!! I still worry about a lawsuit on that one. One surgeon in our hospital uses KTP laser for cholecystectomies--always. Don't know why. It's a pain in the backside. Can't see worth a darn with those dark laser glasses on. The surgeon of course won't wear the glasses.
  6. liveintheOR

    A little pet peeve

    I work in the OR in West Virginia and I almost fell off my chair when I read about the WV forceps------sooooo funny!! One of my pet peeve words is--"bronical" pneumonia. My Mom even says it!! Also people who are having a colonoscopy who say they are having a colostomy. I think every OR has knicknames for different instruments. Look how many names for sheevers, pushers, cd, cherry dissector, kittners, etc..........
  7. liveintheOR

    Verbal Abuse from surgeons in the OR

    When a doc starts demanding and blowing up I just say " Yes,sir" "No, sir" It usually freaks them out and they can't think of anything to say. I have one surgeon who wants everything under the sun opened for his cases. He then will complain how much the case is costing the patient. The other day he asked me how much telfa costs, that it was too much to charge the pt. If he sees something on the back table that he doesn't want he says "The cost of that should be taken out of your pay!!" I just say "yes sir' and give him a blank stare. He's always looking for someone to argue with, and I refuse to give him the satisfaction. Another doc said to me " I ought to slap you" My reply was "Oh please do. I have another child to send to college and I sure could use a new house. " He just looked at me then laughed. I guess no one had ever called his bluff before. He's always throwing tantrums so I just treat him like a child since he is acting like one. I have reported one surgeon who was and is always verbally abusive. Thank God he moved to Reno.
  8. liveintheOR

    l'm frightened to death of.....

    l.rae. It's normal to be nervous and scared. Discussing your fears with the anesthesia personnel pre-op is a great idea. As for students, there is a part of the operative permit where you agree or disagree to let students in your room. If you say no they cannot have students (of any kind) in your room. Ask about this. It may make you feel better. Good luck! I had my GB out several years ago and felt better the same day!
  9. liveintheOR

    Regents College

    I graduated from Regents in '99 with an ADN. Before that I worked as an LPN for 7 years--5 on step down from ICU, 2 in surgery. I purchased study guides from The College Network. I CLEPed 7 classes -- Micro and 6 Nursing classes. The total cost for me was around $5,000. The most difficult part was the clinical performance test (the 3 day clinical). It cost 1,250.00. It was overseen by very professional nurses who were all MSN. I took my clinicals at Ohio State, and Children's in Columbus, Ohio. It was extremely nerve racking because perfection is expected. They leave very little room for error. I think it would be very hard to pass without alot of practical clinical experience. Anyway, I believe it is the only distance learning program for the LPN to RN that is NLN accredited. I had no trouble with the state board. I am sure there were those at work who may have said things behind my back about getting a "mail order" license. I took and passed the same boards as all other RN's in my state. I don't worry about what others say, I let my work speak for itself. I am confident in my abilities as an RN. As for those who would group all Regents grads together in one incompetant lump, please don't generalize, as those kind of comments can really come back to bite you in the rear. You may eventually have a supervisor who, without your knowledge, be a Regents grad-- be careful what you say that may be overheard! This program is not for everyone. It takes a lot of self discipline and determination. I set a goal of finishing in one year and it took me 11 months to graduate, 13 months until I had my license. I found the folks at Regents very helpful and encouraging. Every time I got a letter from the nursing department it had a handwritten note of encouragement or praise at the bottom of the page. They acted like they really wanted me to succeed, and when I did they were happy for me. Sorry to ramble on so long, send me an e-mail if you want more information. mkoonrn@iwon.com
  10. liveintheOR

    What's up with RNs who refuse to scrub?

    I think All RN's who train in the OR should be required to scrub exclusively for at least 6 months to start off with, then learn to circulate. If I didn't know how to scrub, I would be less effective as a circ. I can listen to the conversation between the doc and scrubs (even with my back turned at times) and know what they need. We train our new RN's very little to scrub/first assist. I think many of them are reluctant because they are unsure of what to do. Some of them ask to scrub as much as possible and it shows in their circulating. What scares me is to be on call with 2 other RN's who rarely scrub. This is rare, but it happens. I pray we don't get a ruptured AAA, C-section, or craniotomy. I have decided if this happens, I will call in extra help. Bottom line is it all comes down to $$$$$. Hospitals save by using techs instead of RN's. Less RN's = RN's circulate only.
  11. liveintheOR

    instrument count records

    We do not do instrument counts at the very busy OR where I work. Several years ago they talked about it, but it never really got anywhere. In the six years I have worked there I have never seen a patient come back for a retained instrument. We did have one come back for a retained blue OR towel. They found in 6 months post op on a routine CT scan. Thought it was a tumor in her bowel. Poor lady.
  12. liveintheOR

    Bizarre! Bizarre! Bizarre!

    Ok, I've got to share the way strange... A guy in his 60's comes to the OR for a cysto and he has a gold necklace stuck up in his penis and bladder. He says it's a birthday present for his wife and he was hiding it until her birthday!!!! Yea right...remember this when you run out of hiding places for your Christmas presents this year. Another guy comes in with a shot glass in his rectum(his wife is with him). They want the shot glass back--it's their favorite one they say. Yuck!! No offense, but it's always guys that come in with weird stuff in body cavities. Oh well-- it makes for good stories.
  13. liveintheOR


    I was taught PRN means--- Per Required Need.
  14. liveintheOR

    Administrator's Salaries

    What the whole thing comes down to in the end, is substandard care for our patients. We don't have enough staff, or have new or poorly trained staff, lack of basic equipment because our hospital "doesn't have enough money" for these things while paying upper management outrageous amounts in salary. This is the biggest crime in this situation. I believe the gap in the salaries is criminal, but most of us would probably want more qualified help vs. more money if we had to choose how to spend the exec's extra salary. Our patients deserve so much better than this, and in withholding this care under the guise of lack of funds is truly reprehensible. I'm not sure what is to be done about this. The not for profit hospital I work in was posted as making the highest profit margin of any in our state according to the local paper last week. Then---we get a memo that the figures were "inaccurate". This week there is a hiring freeze, no overtime( don't know how they will accomplish that), and no new equipment is to be ordered unless the old equipment is broken. Now we really seem poor (on paper anyway). I know for a fact that our CEO makes $400,000/yr. in a small/medium size hospital.
  15. liveintheOR

    WV losing docs

    I'm not sure if this is happening in other states, but in WV we are losing alot of our doctors to other states because they are either losing their malpractice insurance or have to pay astronomical amounts. We had a special session of our state legislature last week and they only put a small band-aid on a rather gaping wound. WV awards one of the highest , if not THE highest, payouts for doctors being sued. It's similar to winning the lottery. Most cases don't even go to court because of the great expense. I live near the Ohio border and we have already lost all of our neurosurgeons. Their malpractice was between $110,000/yr and $220,000/yr EACH. Most of our orthopods have moved or took early retirement. Now many of our general and vascular surgeons are planning on leaving. In this age of a great nursing shortage I am looking for a 2nd job (I work in the OR). Is it like this elsewhere??? I am extremely unhappy about this situation. Besides calling and writing to the state representatives, I feel like my hands are tied. If you are in a state where you have not felt the effects of this yet, contact your congress people before your state gets in a situation like we have. Well, I feel a little better getting that off my chest. Thanks!!! Anyone else from WV feeling this too????
  16. liveintheOR

    Nursing Superstitions!

    Our OR has a few of these "ward off evil spirits" and rituals. 1) NEVER turn off the light in the trauma room!! We even leave the radio on. 2) Always set the equipment outside the or door when the case is a possible common bile duct exploration. 3) Call central supply to set up the c-section cart when a certain OB is on call--if you don't- look out! 4) Never say " Gee, we haven't done an emergency cranie for a while" 5) I am never allowed to work 3-11p charge again. It's always H--- with the worst imaginable traumas and doctors. and... no Q's or S's...certain combinations of people on call together almost always get called in together..and last... never leave when you are on call and say "I'll see you tomorrow" --always say "I'll see you later tonight".