ACLS for the OR nurse?

  1. I'd like to know if this is becoming the standard of care. I know trends and practices differ regionally and according to a facilty i.e. free standing surgery center, rural setting, teaching hospital or local hosptial, etc. What about your hospital OR nurses?

    It is not required in our 14 room suburban hospital OR.
    It was required when I worked in a 6 room free standing ambulatory surgery center.

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  3. by   BridgetJones
    I work in a 20-something room Level I trauma center and we all have to have ACLS. The nurses on the pediatric team have PALS too.
  4. by   prplscrubs
    i work in a 14 or hospital non trama we are required to have acls (had to obtain within 1 yr of accepting position) if we don't or let it lapse we can't transport to and from icu... and i'm sure theres some other things... not sure what because i dont let my lapse {would rather do the 1 day reveiew then redo the whole weekend course!! }
  5. by   Kingbandit
    I work in q 600 bed inner city hospital, our OR has 20 rooms. ACLS is optional, but due to magnet status management is willing to pay for any nurse interested in taking it. Even though we never "code" a pt in the OR, every nurse, CRNA, & Dr should know basic meds and heart rhythm identification. And any facility with peds should require PALS.
  6. by   nursinadream
    I wonder if magnet status is something that is driving all the certifications? In many years of nursing in a variety of settings I've been a vital part of a code team. I'd like to see some rationale for every RN in a 20 bed trauma center OR to have ACLS. A small surgery center, yes. The night shift teams, yes. And probably some other settings. Are the outcomes measureably better with certified staff?
    I like reading what you do in your ORs.
    Keep it coming....
  7. by   Rose_Queen
    30 ORs, level 2 trauma, only CTOR need ACLS. Supposedly, if we code a patient in the OR, a PACU nurse with ACLS is supposed to respond. Doesn't always happen.
  8. by   GadgetRN71
    20+ room Level 1 trauma center-not required! Although, I want to get it anyway-just think I would feel more comfortable in a code situation.
  9. by   Argo
    Smaller local hospital. 7 rooms and endoscopy suite. We all have acls. Requirement for all RN staff since we do sedation. It kinda helps in a code but either your good under pressure or not.
  10. by   Kingbandit
    Our management is making it a requirement to transport its to/from ICU or ER. My take is I'll go to any class that they will pay for.
  11. by   tring520
    I work in a 22 OR Level III hospital. Our nurses are only required to be BLS certified. The hospital will pay for ACLS classes, but management has to approve it.

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