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  1. nursinadream

    Epic eMAR conversions

    On Assignment, now called OAnursetravel.com has a conversion in San Fran coming up. They have recently joined with Medical Solutions.
  2. nursinadream

    Bair Hugger

    hmmm, kelly, that's curious. Interested in what you find.
  3. nursinadream

    I miss my NEPTUNE

    :down:So, how about you? Has the recall reached your part of the country? Though the first recall was awhile ago, there was a reprieve at my last assignment in Anchorage, from Nov thru April. Now this month, they are gone here in Seattle. I know the reasons, rationale, etc, just have to google it. But it just makes scopes and large irrigation cases just painful.
  4. I have experience with NovaPro, currently working a contract with them. As Ned says, the databases are shared across the brands. Same jobs and same profiles. When I was with another company - Sagent - several recruiters from NovaPro and Med Staff called me. They explained while I'm inactive with one of the brands I am fair game. Indeed, they do have slightly different pay and benefit offerings ie, NovaPro pays biweekly, Med Staff weekly (that was used as an incentive - not important to me). My contract is with NovaPro only. CCTC's name does not appear there or on my Cigna insurance card.
  5. nursinadream

    ST. JOHN in Virgin Islands

    Moon, I contracted in St Thomas 2 years ago. Another traveler had the assignment you are talking about on St John island in the urgent care clinic. Because of high housing cost on St John she lived on St Thomas and took the ferry over each day. The costs and time involved really added up and the clinic was not very busy - boring for her actually, an ER nurse. She was looking for shifts to fill in her time over in St Thomas were she lived. It was not a winning situation for her.
  6. nursinadream

    Alaska Travel Nursing

    I'm in Anchorage now with a contract at Providence Med Center. Cross Country is the vendor manager for Prov and I'm with NovaPro, part of CC. I am in company provided housing. It is a fully furnished apartment very close to hospital. It is very functional and comfortable for my non-working husband and me. Other travelers, my co-workers are in similar apartments nearby. Most of us are on 3-6 month winter contracts; there are over 20 of us in my department, the OR. Some have chosen their own housing they located on Craigslist. For example the stipend for this time of year in AK is around $1400 per month. A co-worker found a semi-furnished condo that she is sharing with another nurse (a local) and she is sharing the rent and is saving around $900 a month. This is a great scenario for my young single friend/coworker, but its not for me. We are all (?) satisfied with housing choices and options. I believe the winter contracts are higher than summer when tourist season is booming and housing is more expensive.
  7. nursinadream

    Alaska Travel Nursing

    AK is not a compact state. Here is a link for that info, I refer to it often. https://www.ncsbn.org/nlc.htm I'm on assignment now in Anchorage, just a little over half way through my 6 month contract. phew. Working at Providence in the OR. We are enjoying the city and the beautiful scenery. Anchorage has every amenity. Furnished housing is very suitable.
  8. nursinadream

    Neptune Suction

    Thanks for that link. I wasn't aware of a recall. I've seen them everywhere still in use.
  9. nursinadream

    Obtaining CA license

    My licensing with CA was smooth. Did it online via endorsement. I was working in Miami Beach. Went to the local sheriff office for printing, carrying the appropriate cards with me. License in the mail in 6-7 weeks, at $151. So, 2 contracts in El Paso, AdriRN? You must have enjoyed that. Tell us about it.
  10. nursinadream

    Neptune Suction

    With all the benefits of the Neptune Suction or fluid collection device - safety, large volume, measurement ease - do you find that the motor is TOO LOUD? Yuck! noise pollution - can become a problem in the OR. Any thought? Maybe time for a tune-up?
  11. nursinadream

    Orientation period- strange requirements, is this legal?

    Good for you for getting your first treatment done safely on your first day. The hours your expected to work - or the 2 treatments per day were in your contract weren't they? Hope so. Don't know how you can object if you didn't have it clearly spelled out in your contract. Good luck
  12. nursinadream

    Medication access: nurse or tech?

    I'm wondering how many of my OR coworkers share medication access (pyxis or other)? Just RNs or both RNs and techs? At my current assignment the surgical techs have been given access and responsibility to obtain meds for the surgical field. That would include local, heparin flushes or heparin vials for mixing, abx (baci, gent, neomycin), lymphazurin, and so on. They don't retrieve narcotics - and we don't use them often from the field. It is still the RN's responsibility to check for accuracy and dispense them to the field. It is viewed the same as "picking" their suture or gloves. Just throwing this out for thought and discussion. For me as a traveler I go with the flow on stuff that is new to me, after I UNDERSTAND it. This one makes me think (and watch) very carefully.
  13. nursinadream

    Question to travelers required to take call

    Willi, I take call for the OR. I'm paid the same as the staff are here in FL. $3 and time and half call back. That's typical. What I made fulltime job before travel. Not sure why your recruiter doesn't know this up front (RED FLAG) What's the position and what state? $2200 is a good stipend, I'm thinking high cost of living like CA or New York City? Baglady, a very experienced and helpful gal has given you good advice about housing. MANY travelers see a way to "get ahead" by doing their own housing. It can be a hassle. For your first time you might want to take what the company offers you. $0.30 per hour seems low for travel allowance. For a 13 week contract that's only $156. Most offer $500-600 in travel. Good luck, you've asked some good questions. Deb
  14. nursinadream

    Looking for second agency...

    RN traveler you are mistaken about Jackson Nurse Prof. They were formerly Travel Nurse Solutions. There is plenty of changes in the industry and its hard to keep up. Opening, closing, merging , etc. You may know the big guys are American Mobile, CCTC, and RNNetwork. These tend to have MORE jobs in many specialties, including dialysis. And they have more (many more) people working for them, and they work for the investors or stock holders. So bottom line, we the nurse/tech/rad tech, etc. take home less. I did a couple contracts with NovaPro - part of Cross Country. I loved my recruiter. She was easy to talk to, returned calls, etc. I also dealt with her assistant, a housing person, a payroll person, a benefits person and account manager who actually did the interview FOR the client (hospital). No complaints. I'm with Sagent, a small company now and I've only spoken to 1 person, my recruiter except for her short vacation. No complaints. When you are registered with several companies you must be sure to not be submitted for a job more than once. Insist that they ASK you before they submit you to a hospital. AND they tend to call repeatedly or email every couple days with jobs, jobs, jobs, that you don't care about. So that's the slight down side to working with multiple agencies. Deb
  15. nursinadream

    Virgin Islands Licensing

    I was in STT in Aug 2010. Great assignment, I had a blast! That was when Trustaff had all the contracts. That is no longer the case. I recommend PNS. They are a smaller agency out of Utah. Travel Nurse - Find a Travel Nursing Job The VI gov't, is a bit of a pain to work with. I think I got a form from my company. PNS will definitely help you. I posted back in 2010-11. You may be able to find them. Or I would be glad to answer any questions. I worked the OR. Please call PNS. Deb