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Thanks for the info. It'll be top secret.


OMG...shame on me!


So sorry...just thought with freedom of speech and all...


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I'm with you there, sunny. What????


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This is in regards to a thread that was closed cause Sarah RN asked a question and I replied with an answer. She asked if there were other nursing chats/ bulletin boards that she could peruse and I gave her the names of some I look at sometimes. Heaven forbid we look at other sites and share information from them that we can't get here like, "CAREER MANAGEMENT ISSUES". Anyway, I spend most time here on Allnurses when I do go online but I guess I must have been taken for a spy for another site.


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I agree that censoring the names was inappropriate.

On the other hand, the two nurse BBs I tried when I was trying out this one as well, I found to be: 1) hard to navigate, 2) mostly foolishness, and 3) not worth wasting my time on.

That's why I wound up on allnurses and don't even remember the names of the others (though there is no shortage of foolishness here, either, but it is easier to navigate and there is more useful stuff here too). IMHO.


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I was torn between answering this..bumping it, or letting it die, but I'm going to answer it because I feel like you're genuine in your frustration.


Very frequently, we have people register here with the sole intent of advertising. One of the things they do is ask an "innocent" question that leads to indirect advertising. It's not a new concept. As poorly as our TOS are, the one thing it does forbid is advertising. I am not in favor of strict moderating or censoring, however I am very much against advertising. There is no way to determine if one is advertising or if they are innocently asking. The fact that you have recently registered and have few posts is another "red flag" that we see for those coming here with the intent of advertising.

With that said, I'm sorry you were offended if your intent was sincere. However, at no point will the listing of other bb's be allowed, ESPECIALLY if the sole topic of the thread is that question. Had it come up in the middle of another thread, it wouldn't be so obvious, but since it was the title of the thread...it's suspicious. Again, type "nursing" into a browser and you'll get more than you wished for...

I really don't understand why you started THIS thread either...

you were given the info you requested...

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