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I took my rn nclex today and got 75 questions. I could not figure out the math question I got and I never got another try at a math question????

What are you thoughts?

I took my nclex yesterday, only had one math question, and mine turned off at 75. Maybe you got it right!!! Did you try the pearsonvue trick?


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yes I tried the trick and got the pop I am praying it truly works! I just keep thinking of all these questions I had and when I look them up, I got them wrong??? So that makes me nervous

Me too!!!! Well, the questions I could remember. Its like in school, I could remember questions from three semesters ago, but when I took NCLEX my brain was fried the moment I left!! I didnt count the SATA or the priority, but it seemed like every other one at least were those, so Im not sure if thats good or bad. Im just ready to know!!


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Yes I had alot of priority questions, isolation, and maybe 6 sata??? I hate waiting this is the worst part!


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Oh yea, I had zero peds or ob questions. 1 delegation that was it.....i feel like doomsday may be tomorrow

I had 1 OB question, but it was related to a drug. Ive heard Ob & PEDS questions were lower end questions, so that might not be such a bad sign. Unless Im wrong.....which I def could be.

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heather and cutie...

Relax! Your results will be available before you know it. Stop trying to look up questions and second-guess yourselves. ;)

As for only having 1-2 questions about a certain topic, my exam only had 1 pharm-related question. This was the first year the NCLEX was computer-based.

And let me play the "remember when" card for you.....the wait used to be approximately 6 weeks...and that was after taking a 2-day paper & pencil test. Thank goodness for technology's progress! :yeah:

I look forward to returning to this thread and seeing that you both passed!



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thanks for the kind words sjt!

i will post my results as soon as i get them

SAME HERE!!!! Looking for good results for both of us...

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If it makes you feel any better, I got ONE math question, my very first question on the NCLEX, it stopped at 75 and I PASSED!


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Hey, I didn't even have one math question....NOT ONE!!! nor any maternity!! and I passed, so feel good about yourself...i am sure you did fine!

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