Only African American Nurse on Staff


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OP, good luck! I hope you find a place where they'll treat you right, you seem like a wonderful person.

miss salubrius

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If these people, especially your supervisor, is calling you an a-hole, is time to speak up. I don't care what color a person is you don't behave that way to a fellow nurse. And as for the person who says "it's because your black", that's work place discrimination. You have ever right to be angry at this point! I would consult with corporate about this or higher management that isn't the person degrading you. You should not quit your job because you are not the guilty party. Only as a last resort because employers will ask about gaps in work. Don't let these people be the reason you leave your job. I have multiple African American friends at work and we get along so well. Not every pace is like the place you work.. There is many good ones out there. I would never dream of saying" it's because your black " to a person. Good luck to you dear !!!