UMSON CNL Fall 2019

  1. Are you applying for UMSON CNL Fall 2019 program?
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  3. by   ms.moxie
    I'm applying for fall. Thanks for getting this thread started @elegantcheese!
  4. by   ms.moxie
    Is anyone attending the UMSON open house this weekend? I have chemistry class on Saturday mornings, so I will miss this one. I attended their spring open house and found it to be very informative and worth my while.
  5. by   elegantcheese
    @ms.moxie I went to an open house earlier this year and also found it super helpful. It's how I decided to pursue this degree rather than a second bachelors.

    When do you plan to have your application ready? I'm aiming for December 1 with the exception of my transcripts from my current class (which will be submitted as soon as the semester is over).
  6. by   ms.moxie
    Hey @elegantcheese! I attended the open house two years ago when I had just begun thinking about changing careers and hadn't started my prereq's. It was an amazing event and played a role in me deciding to go ahead and put in the work to complete the prereq's and go to nursing school. I was a poli sci major in college, so I had to pretty much start at the beginning on the prereqs! I, too, am aiming for a December 1 submission. I'm currently taking my last prereq for UMSON - chemistry!

    Are you local to Baltimore? I'm down in the DC area. I'm also curious if you're applying anywhere else?
  7. by   AK 4 ever
    Hi all!

    Was wondering where you all took your prereqs? Anyone take them online and if so where?

  8. by   elegantcheese
    @ms.moxie I was in DC but just moved to Ellicott City, so I'm now a lot closer to the UMSON campus! I'm in Anatomy 2 right now and will still have Microbiology and Chemistry to finish. I'm trying to decide what to take in the Spring that will help make my application more competitive. Any thoughts? I thought maybe Chemistry in the Spring and Micro in the Summer?

    @ak4ever - I took most of my prereqs at Montgomery College and will finish them at Howard CC in the Spring. I'm taking Psych online and plan to take Stats online over the winter. The science courses should be done on campus since they have labs, but I think you can take the lectures online if you need to. They are tough classes, though, so I would recommend taking them in person if you can.
  9. by   ms.moxie
    @elegantcheese I was under the impression that UMSON looks heavily at performance in stat and chem, so maybe prioritize those courses? Also, I took microbiology before chemistry and really wished I'd done it the other way around. There's a fair amount of (very) basic chemistry in microbiology.

    @ak4ever I'm doing my prereq's at Prince George's CC in Maryland. I've have a good experience there, and they offer lots of evening and weekend courses for people like me who work full-time during regular business hours.
  10. by   elegantcheese
    @ms.moxie Thank you so much for that insight! I had been wracking my brain trying to decide which class to take. I'm now signed up for Chemistry!

    How is your application coming along?
  11. by   Nurse2b2021
    Has anyone applied for th fall CNL 2019 program?
  12. by   elegantcheese
    @nurse2b2021 Yes! I've submitted my application. Now the hard part of waiting to hear anything. Have you applied?
  13. by   Nurse2b2021
    @elegantcheese yes I applied nov 19!! Yes the waiting game is going to be the worst part.
  14. by   elegantcheese
    @nurse2b2021 Agreed! Hopefully whatever happens will happen quickly so we won't need to stress for too long. That was my motivation to get my application in by the review date anyways. Maybe they will review them in waves and those people who have them in early will get acceptance/rejections sooner? I have no idea.