NYU ABSN Fall 2017

  1. Hi everyone!

    I was just wondering if anyone was applying to NYU for the ABSN program in fall 2017? I'm kind of nervous because my GPA isn't the highest since I had to work all four years to help pay for school which took away from my studying time. I do have work experience in the health care field and a little over 100 hours of health related volunteering. Also, how is everyone planning on paying for school since it is soo expensive?
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  3. by   FutureNurseInfo
    Hi, I was considering NYU's ABSN but later realized I did not want to be in the deep hole having been burdened with the huge debt that I would probably be paying off all my life. However, to answer your question, NYU does accept I heard 200 students each cohort so you may have a shot. In terms of paying for the tuition, you may qualify for the grants/scholarships, but even if you do get the grants/scholarships, you will still have to cover the majority of your tuition bill (student loans).
  4. by   cowgirlwalkabout

    I recently submitted my application for the Fall 2017 cycle. I've heard that NYU looks at applications holistically so GPA is not necessarily the determining factor. Write a strong statement of intent and use it to explain your GPA. I will be financing my with loans and hope to get loan forgiveness through faculty loan repayment. Best of luck with the application process!
  5. by   jss469t77
    Crossing my fingers! Thank you, you too!
  6. by   SJos
    I applied to NYU too, my GPA isn't the highest either so I'm hoping my experience and essay will help me out. I've read other forums and alot of the students said that if your GPA is low but you have an amazing letter of recc and an amazing essay that will really help you out. I'm hoping to hear back soon but some of the students who applied for the spring cohort said it took a really long time to get a response. Good Luck everyone!
  7. by   nem90
    Hey Guys! I posted on another forum as well, but just to let you know, I'm finishing up my final sequence in the ABSN program at NYU, so if you guys have any questions I'm here to help!
  8. by   shamadi
    I just submitted application. My undergrad gpa is pretty bad so that worries me a lot (2.92) but all my prereqs are 4.0(chem, A&P1,2, Microbio, Lifespan& nutrition), except for Stat which I need to take in summer. I had 2 recommendations from my nurse manager and a coworker and still working on getting 2 more from professors. I really am not confident that I will get in due to my previous gpa but just praying that they will consider my prereq gpa and 3yrs of work experience in nursing field...
    I just did hear from UMass Amherst ABSN program that I got accepted but it is really difficult to move statewide because of my husband's job so I want to wait until I hear back from NYU& Pace before deciding.

    @nem90- I read your replies on previous posts about NYU program which were very informative and helpful! but I did see that you had amazing undergrad& prereq gpa. I wish I had that!!

    Do I need to call the school if I want to confirm that they had received all the transcripts from each school I requested and recommendation letters?
  9. by   shamadi
    oh and I have no idea how I will pay for the school..probably just mostly private loans. I just want to get accepted before I start to worry about this!
  10. by   SJos
    From what I heard from other forums and students they weigh everything equally. There were people with that gpa who got accepted and there were people with 4.0s who did not. You just have to make sure that your letter of rec and essay is really good. I'm still waiting as well but I got into GW which is also a really good school and my GPA isn't much higher than that (it's just a tad but over a 3.0). A 2.92 is very close to a 3.0 and if your prerequisite are a 4.0 that's should count for something, especially if you took them recently. I wish you the best of luck!!!
  11. by   Natbirnbaum1313
    I too just applied to NYU ABSN program. How many of letters of recommendation did you guys send in?
  12. by   Mir.17
    Hey everyone! I have also applied for fall 2017. Anyone know when we will be hearing back? I was told at an information session at NYU that the school looks at your application holistically. I send in two recommendations. I believer they only require two.
  13. by   shamadi
    Thank you for your input!
  14. by   shamadi
    I sent in 2 recommendation letters from work. NYU website says '1 - 2 professional or academic letters of recommendation are recommended, but not required.' but I believe these will weigh more than I imagine so I am working on getting 1 or 2 more from my previous professors..