Georgia baptist college of nursing/Mercer University Fall 2018 - page 22

Hey! Just wanted to start a forum for anybody applying to this program for fall 2018. I have everything turned in and I'm just waiting for it all to process on the portal. I retook some science... Read More

  1. by   echill40
    yes, I am. : )
  2. by   beckyyy
    YASSSSS I am! So nervous and excited!
  3. by   apcpr
    how are yall getting the screenshot of the completion of the anatomy and phys mooc certificate? I cant get a screenshot that shows completion.
  4. by   beckyyy
    I haven't been able to submit it yet! Is all your modules blue to the top on the score page? I know a couple are suppose to be grey but some of them do not reach the top completely.
  5. by   apcpr
    Yes. Some of them are not reaching the top. I went back and reviewed the modules, nothing else was there for me to complete. So I submitted what I had. Idk I'm still trying to get access to the Facebook page so I can ask.
  6. by   beckyyy
    Yeah! I still haven't been accepted into the facebook page either! I'm just going to submit it as it is. I can't do anything about it. I'm kinda over it lol