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Hi guys, i wanted to make a forum for all of the 2019 applicants. I wanted to know what everybody was going to apply with and if they knew anything about the school still being in academic... Read More

  1. by   lcal07
    Yes I would prefer them to email the decision so all we have to do is stalk our email lol
  2. by   MJC2010
    Hey guys how many points are y'all applying with?
  3. by   lcal07
    I'm applying with 34.
  4. by   MJC2010
    What is a competitive point rank? I have 25 points.
  5. by   lcal07
    It really depends on how many people are applying to the program. I have heard of ppl with 25 getting in the program in past semesters.
  6. by   MJC2010
    That's reassuring, guess I'll just leave it in God's hands. Thank you.
  7. by   deemin220
    How did you make it to 34 points? Excellent HESI? Did you take a good majority of the support courses and/or the RN to BSN courses listed in the application? I think I might as well sign up for the Fall 2018 semester and start taking more of the courses listed just in case.
  8. by   lcal07
    Doing all the support classes and majority of the bsn courses. I did ok on the hesi I got 9 pt but I passed each section. I also did patho and pharmacist to help.
  9. by   babysplash
    I believe I have 35pts - I took all the support courses and ART 1303 as my humanities course (not sure if that counts as humanities as it is also on the BSN list) and calculated my prerequisite GPA which is 3.4-3.7 (I took intro to psych 2 times and don't know if they will take my A or B, I made an A the second time I took it) I made 11pts on the HESI. So with those two factors I believe my score to be 31-35pts. If anyone knows anything about the humanties classes please share. Thank you!
  10. by   lcal07
    You will get 1 point for the humanities and 1 point for the bsn course.
  11. by   collegegirl972
    40+ pts gives you a very good chance of being accepted. Most people have in the 30s and it just depends where the cut off is that year. They pick the top 40 for each school. Points in the 20s are more risky. If you haven't completed all the classes suggested, keep taking classes that way you don't waste time if you aren't accepted the first time.
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  12. by   deemin220
    So it seems as though it's come to the point where the support courses are/should be essentially mandatory for any prospective student who wants to have a real chance of getting into the program. Either you have an excellent HESI score or you've made all A's and B's on the pre-reqs and 95% of the support courses listed or you don't stand a chance of getting in to the program.

    This is just a bit of me airing out my frustrations, but I mean, if they have set a minimum score for the HESI (80) on each section, then why don't they include it in the paperwork that if you don't have ____ points at the time of applying, then don't move forward and take more courses until you reach that set point.
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  13. by   LakegirleastTX
    Does anyone know the recent pass rate? I heard the first part of the probation year was 83%. I was told the second half would be known this month.