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babysplash is a ADN, RN and specializes in ICU.

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  1. babysplash

    Giving 2 weeks notice

    I work as an ICU nurse and I am planning to give my job a two week notice this week. Just for context I've worked at this hospital for 1 year and have never spoken to the director of critical care in person. We don’t have a manager night now and have...
  2. babysplash

    Medical City February 2021 Nurse Residency

    Okay not bad! I wore ciel blue so I will happily wear any other shade of blue ?
  3. babysplash

    Medical City February 2021 Nurse Residency

    Does anyone know what color scrubs Med City nurses wear? Is it the same at all locations? I will be at Lewisville if anyone has info
  4. babysplash

    Medical City February 2021 Nurse Residency

    I'm Lewisville ICU and I'm in the same boat as you. Well, I accepted an offer with the recruiter via email. Haven't Docusigned anything as of yet. My recruiter said I should start getting onboarding and HR emails soon, I emailed her last night
  5. babysplash

    Medical City February 2021 Nurse Residency

    I just received an offer for Medical City Lewisville ICU. Anyone here also starting in the ICU cohort in Feb? Nice to meet you!
  6. Congratulations to you all. I am a 3rd semester student at El Centro right now. We have a combined FB page for NLC, ECC and Methodist students - you will take tests together at ECC campus and have things like med surg simulation, OB and Pedi boot cam...
  7. babysplash

    Online Pharmacology

    Yes make sure to read from the book. It has helped me in nursing school when in lecture or on exams by being able to recall the info that I read... you won't learn anything if you just google all the answers so disregard that advice... I am an El Cen...
  8. babysplash

    credit by examination

    Did the BSN nurses you know go to an accredited university or a for-profit or private institution like Excelsior? That may be the difference here.
  9. babysplash

    Online Pharmacology

    If you are a part of DCCCD you can take Pharm online at any of the campuses and Brookhaven will take the credit. El Centro offers it online and it is taught by the Dean of the Nursing students - just an idea if you don't want that professor!!
  10. babysplash

    Dismissed from a Nursing Program (Need Advice)

    I didn't say it was less competitive - all paths will be competitive, that's just part of the admissions process. I only mentioned it because if they want to increase the odds of them getting accepted to a program, they should apply to more programs...
  11. babysplash

    Dismissed from a Nursing Program (Need Advice)

    Try applying for an ADN program, not as fast as an ABSN but not as expensive either! Most RN-BSN bridges are online and can be obtained in 8 months -1 year, so still less than a full 4 year BSN route. If I were in your situation, I would apply to AD...
  12. babysplash

    El Centro/NLC ADN Spring 2020

    Perfect! No, you don't get any practice question for lecture from faculty. You will need to use supplemental materials and the books to get questions. Since the test is written by faculty I'd rather not share any of my notes to avoid any academic iss...
  13. babysplash

    El Centro/NLC ADN Spring 2020

    Hey! Sure thing! Learn time management! If you're already good with using your time wisely, you're in a good place. It's a lot easier said than done though. Try to stay ahead with your assignments - complete quizzes, and practice skills ASAP (you wil...
  14. babysplash


    You need ask your school's admission's office. All schools have different requirements - some will and some will not accept "C's" some only require that your GPA stay above a certain grade point. Usually the school will have published material online...
  15. babysplash

    Desperately need advice and encouragement

    Hey there, it's part of the human condition to have fear about the unknown and moving from a job that has provided you and your family with security for the last 23 years. Your feelings are normal, but I think you would be doing yourself a disservice...