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Hello all, I just received a letter from Drexel saying that my application for the ACE program is now complete and I'm waiting for a response. I was wondering if anyone else here is applying for the... Read More

  1. by   acrawl
    Thx to both Cocobelly and AugustRain for the insight. And I would definitely have to second that Cocobelly, I definitely have appreciated the honest and thoughtful opinions of AugustRain throughout my visits to the forums. Before I actually became a member I would read these posts just to get insight on the forum, and AugustRain among a few others always stood out and somedays I would just visit to see what she had to say (you are a she, correct?). I think some people just post without even thinking how much an impact their insight has on perspective and current students. The infamous bitter poster are the ones who make it bad for those of us who just want some honest and unbiased opinions as we embark on this journey we call nursing school. But those who are bitter and just post out of spite and to make others dislike the program, make people like AugustRain stand out so much. You are definitely appreciated AugustRain:bowingpur Small sidebar.....but in terms of Hesi I just plan to go into this program with and open-mind and on my A-game. I think it will take time to learn to ropes, and as you said AugustRain you just need to know what study techniques work for you, work your hardest, and roll with the punches. Cocobelly, I am also taking these few months to get a clear head, and prep as much as I can but I'm going to try not to stress myself too much and you shouldn't either. Just try to take whatever you can in and keep a clear head, and I believe with hard work and determination we will survive. Thanks again to you both for the Hesi tips. Cocobelly have you gotten CPR certified yet? Have you gotten any more information in the mail regarding orientation, etc.? The last thing I remember getting was transcript evaluations and sending in my deposit. Did you just finish your last bit of pre-reqs at CCP, because so did I. Just trying to see if I may have seen you around...
  2. by   acrawl
    P.S AugustRain, I couldn't believe someone accused you of being an administrator at Drexel because you spoke to eloquently and highlighted the good aspects of the program. I thought that was ridiculous. But all I can do now is just sit back and laugh People are hilarious.
  3. by   acrawl
    Oh and I almost forgot....HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!!!! I wish you much success in your nursing endeavors.
  4. by   CocoBelly

    Happy New Year to you too!

    I am actually a certified EMT, so I already have my CPR cert, however I am going to need to re-certify because it will expire in September 2010.

    I don't think I have received anything else in the mail yet.. But don't forget to send in your final transcripts by the 15th. CCP reopens on the 4th, so I will be in there that day to order them and drop them off at Drexel in person! I did just finish my pre-reqs at CCP, I took Stats, Ethics, Nutrition, and Dev. Psych this semester.

    Also, I agree we shouldn't stress ourselves out in the next few months as we will be for the 11 months following that! But I'm actually just really interested in all this stuff, and I'm doing it more because I want to one day be a competent nurse (hopefully nurse practitioner) and not because I'm trying to cram for the program or anything. You should have seen me when my dvd's came in the mail and I opened the box, I looked like a 7 year old on Christmas who just got something awesome like a red ryder bb gun ;o)
  5. by   acrawl
    Thx Cocbelly for reminding me about the transcripts because I definitely almost forgot about that...Doesn't it suck that CCP charges 10 bucks for a transcript. But I won't complain too much because I'm just glad to be finshed my pre-reqs and moving on the nursing school finally. I also just finished up Micro, A&P II, and Nutrition. Did you by any chance have Laura Davidson for Nutrition because we may have been classmates. I agree with you on how interesting things have become too..my pre-reqs esp A&P have made me extremely interested in Nursing and looking forward to learning more. What books have you picked up thus far? The ones AugustRain has suggested?
  6. by   CocoBelly
    Yes! I did have Laura Davidson. I had her MWF 10am. I loved her.

    I haven't picked up any books yet.. Just have those DVD's to start with that my dad bought me.
  7. by   acrawl
    Oh,I had her MW at 12:30PM. She was great. I think I will start to get some of the books AugustRain mentioned.
  8. by   AugustRain
    Happy New Year to you too, acrawl! And thank you for your kind words, they're very much appreciated. I'm sure you and CocoBelly will both be very successful ACE-ers...at this time next year, you'll be pulling together those resumes and getting ready to apply for jobs! It won't be an easy year, but it will go by fast. Hope you give yourselves time to relax before March, there will be plenty to study once you start classes.

    Don't know if you've gotten info from Drexel yet re: BLS but I did mine through the AHA and it's vaild for two years. I think most of us did that course, and it was nice not to have to worry about getting re-cert during 4th quarter.
  9. by   acrawl
    Thx for the support AugustRain. I definitely hope to have much success in the program. Cocobelly, did you secure loan funding for the upcoming program yet. I haven't started yet; is that bad? AugustRain since I am doing a spring start, won't I be submitting a FAFSA twice for the program. Although I wasn't given much in federal loans, I just wanted to be sure. How has your experience been with the finacial aid office at Drexel? I had to drop my final transcript off at Drexel last week, and as definitely thinking about just meeting with someone from Financial Aid then. Are their any loans/scholarships anyone recommends? Any knowledge is greatly appreciated...
  10. by   CocoBelly
    You know, I am clueless on the loans/scholarships/financial aid front. I could definitely use some advice there too. I will not be taking out any loans, because my parents are going to pay for it... they think it's a better idea then taking out a loan so I don't have to pay any interest... which makes sense.. However, I've been trying to research scholarships... It's a lot of money for my parents to pay and I feel awful about it. I know we don't get any financial aid because it's a second degree program (am I right about that?) and FAFSA for us is only to apply for the Stafford loan. Correct? I have no idea where to get more information about scholarships though. I don't know how any of that works, I've never applied for scholarships before.
  11. by   AugustRain
    acrawl - Yes, you should be filling out the FAFSA twice, so you'll probably be getting more aid than it appears right now. However, it's still not enough, so you will need to look for private sources.

    CocoBelly - Correct, ACE students are not eligible for most grants/scholarships through Drexel, but if you can find your own, that's great. Awesome that your family is going to help you out. Mine covered most of my living expenses, which made a big difference...I do still feel a little guilty about it, but it was worth it!

    Have you gotten your financial aid packet yet? You can also look on your DrexelOne account and see what aid you're being offered, as well as your bill. I made an appt with the Financial Aid Office at the Hahnemann Campus and brought all of my info with me, so they could help me decipher everything.

    In the end, I took out two Stafford loans (sub & unsub), a Perkins loan, and a private loan. I had a cosigner, but wasn't accepted for a loan until a couple of weeks before school started. It's a lot of money, but it's not too overwhelming with my current salary.

    I still have a list of resources, so if anyone wants it, let me know and I'll e-mail it to you.
  12. by   Sierra19
    Hello everyone my name is Sierra and I will also be attending Drexel in the spring. I finally decided to introduce myself after following this thread for some time now. I truly appreciate all of the advice and constructive criticism about the program. I am really nervous about attending Drexel because it will be a big move for me. I am from Georgia and have never been to Pennsylvania before so I am extremely nervous, but I know I will survive. As soon as anyone hears about orientation or financial aid I would truly appreciate it if they informed me cause I have to prepare for everything in advance since I am in Georgia. Also does anyone knows how to set up there email with Drexel because I have not been able to do so. Hope to hear from all of my classmates soon. Happy New Year to everyone, hope everyone is ready for this journey we are about to embark on very soon.
  13. by   Sierra19
    Does anyone knows when we will receive a booklist because I wanted to try and order my books early instead of purchasing them in the bookstore. Or does anyone have any other suggestions. From reading on here I see that the books are going to be very expensive. Any suggestions will be greatly be appreciated.