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  1. cali1234

    Drexel University ACE Spring 2010

    Do any of you know if Drexel will tell you which prerequisites you still need to complete after you received provisional acceptance? All I got was a big packet that said that I am provisionally accepted, but no clue as to which prereqs I still need....
  2. cali1234

    I Made It

    Thanks for posting!!! I enjoyed reading it.
  3. cali1234

    Western University of Health Sciences

    What degree would you get if you didn't continue onto the masters portion of the western program?
  4. cali1234

    Western University of Health Sciences

    I was also informed that my application is ready for review.
  5. cali1234

    Western University of Health Sciences

    Great idea!
  6. cali1234

    New national nurses union forms

    Thanks for sharing that.
  7. cali1234

    A Question for California RNs...

    if you get an RN in another state, can you practice in CA?
  8. cali1234

    UNMC / NMC

    And when the application is due?
  9. cali1234

    UNMC / NMC

    Do you know if this school is accepting accelerated nursing program students?
  10. cali1234

    Dr. Cures Baby's Brain Condition with Superglue!

    Wow, pretty cool. Thanks for posting.
  11. cali1234

    UPenn 18 month Accelerated Nursing Program

    I haven't been contacted yet.
  12. cali1234

    Drexel University-ACE Program Fall '09

    People in this program, any comments and how it is so far?
  13. cali1234

    Drexel University-ACE Program Fall '09

    I was wondering what type of background major you have?
  14. cali1234

    Why am I doing this, anyway?

    I can feel your frustration.
  15. Thanks for posting this.