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Hello! I'm not sure anyone from the Spring 2010 cohort still reads this but, if you do, would you mind sharing your favorite shoes/sneakers to wear for clinicals? I'm starting in the Fall and I'm on the hunt for the perfect pair of shoes. I had foot surgery a while back so I'm looking for something super comfortable! Thanks in advance! :)


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Fellow Ace Spring 2011ers,

I've started a group for us on Facebook, so please feel free to join. It's a private group, so just request to join. I'm excited to get to know all of you!



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I just wanted to say hi! I am beginning in the Fall as well. I know no one!


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just got accepted to the Spring '11 program, still debating on enrolling. Ive also been accepted to West Chester. I'm not a PA resident so the cost difference for me is not so big. The time frame is though. I'd love to be done in a year. But anyway, this thread is sooooo helpful. Im not sure if you guys still check allnurses or this thread, but just a note of thanks for all of the insight. Its great to have insider information from those who are in/have gone through the trenches :) thanks again.


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Reading this thread has been super helpful!


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Anyone have any updates on the program? Cocobelly and them? I read from the beginning lol long as heck, but I skipped over some. Im applying for Fall 2012 term. I just want to hear feedback on the program. Also, what time does clinical and lecture begin? My only problem is childcare arrangements for my 4 year old son. Im praying I get into West Chester University's program (which is where my undergrad degree is from!).

Let me know your thoughts!



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Tootsie2184 - I just got this info from the Drexel Admissions office today regarding the schedule.

You will be in classes Monday through Friday from approximately 8:00am to 5:00pm. * There may be a few classes that go until 8pm. If you are not in class then you will be in clinical. Clinical maybe Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and/or even Saturdays (am and pm). These clinical times could be day or evening but will learn more towards evening hours. Each clinical course (all courses being 6 credits) has a clinical day attached. Students do not receive their schedule until 6 weeks before they begin the program. Drexel University is on the quarter system. Clinical sites are located in the City of Philadelphia, surrounding suburbs, and in the states of New Jersey and Delaware. It is recommended that students have a car. The clinical sites are assigned to you by a clinical placement team so that you receive a diverse nursing education.

Hope this helps!


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Hello and Congrats to everyone,

i have also been accepted into the ACE program beginning in Spring 2012. Not sure of the exact date it starts though, does anyone know for sure?

Very nervous about it. Hoping it will be okay to live off campus about 1/2 hour away in Willingboro New Jersey. Hope I can handle the intensity of it all. I have a bachelor's in communications and was working as a network engineer for 10 years before i lost my job and decided to make a career change.

Here's wishing everyone the best of luck and hoping to meet all you in semester 1.....!!!!:)


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Thanks Tilly! That schedule seems rediculas to follow. 8 am - 5 pm Mon-Fri. I live near West Chester... probably no way I can commute like that every day with traffic. Oh boy. This is going to be a looooong journey.

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