Online biochem and/or physics-UC Berkley


Just wondering if anyone has taken these courses through Berkley. If so, how was it? They give you 6 months to finish the class. Not a bad price either.

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not sure. but, i got good reviews from a few friends who took biochem online through colorado state. i think its around 1,000 for tuition, and in the summer.


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I took online organic chem at UC berkeley to boost my application. Im not a wiz in chem and made a B+. It was a great course, and the professor was super helpful. Everything is submitted online/open book except for the final (which I bot a B-) and it was 60% of my grade sooo I got a B+ as my fnal letter..go figure! Schools are happy with a B or better.


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Parkland college in Illinois has an online physics course.( Physics 120 How Things Work) Parkland College

Tuition is $147. credit hr for Illinois residents and $237. credit hr out-of state residents.

Iowa Central Community College offers an online Organic/Biochemistry course (Chm 130 Flex Net). Iowa Central Community College

Tuition is $609.00

The chemistry course can be started any time throughout the semester but work must be completed by the end of the semester. They require proof that you have taken general chemistry prior to enrollment.


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I took the Iowa Central Community College Organic/Biochemistry. Good class with great online instruction. Made an A.

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I took General Chem and Biochem online through UC Berkely. Like the previous pster said, the mid-term was open book and the final was closed book. I'm military so I went to the Education Office on base to have the exam proctored. It was a really good course and I like the self-paced nature of the course. They give you 6 months to complete like 8 or 9 chapters. I did it all in about 3 months. It's doable. I got a 84 on the final exam but got a B- out of the course but my overall average for the course was an 84 and they counted that as a B-. It still helped me to get into a CRNA program.

I hear also Univ of New England also has an online biochem/organic chem online course that many military nurses take to prepare for the military CRNA program. Even though I was accepted into a civilian CRNA program, they didn't require Biochem or Organic chem. I took it just to pull up my overall science GPA and to refresh my science courses since they were all over 10 years old.

Hope it helps.


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You're post about UC Berkeley's online biochem course is very helpful. I'm thinking about enrolling in the course within a few days. I did have a couple questions though. They say that one year of biology and one year of organic chem is a prerequisite. I've taken general chem 1 and a year of biology so far. I've studied up on organic chem nomenclature though (alkanes, alkenes, formaldehydes, etc.). Is biochem really that organic chem intensive? Also, is the final one large essay or is it mostly several short answer questions? Thank you!!

- Adam

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thanx for this since i do need to take a biochem course.

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I took the organic chem through UC Berkeley and it was pretty rough for me after about the 5th chapter. I ended up changing out of that class and switched over to Biochem which I thought was a lot easier since there wasn't as much nomenclature at all compared to organic chemistry. The final was a lot of questions where you had to select one answer and there was a couple of questions where you had to know a lot of the various cycles from memory but its doable. The workbook they send you which accompanies the textbook explains everything in detail.It just sucks when they do the pluses and minuses with their letter grades. I was shocked an 84 was a B-. I don't remember organic chem being a requirement since the course was an introductory to biochem class. Hope this helps.

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I'm looking at UC Berkeley Extension... as far as online chemistry goes, I am only seeing:

"Introduction to Chemistry" and

"Introduction to Organic Chemistry"

I really want 1-2 general chemistry courses, then an organic chem, then biochem... all online. And I don't want to pay $1,600 per class at UNE

The hunt for these online classes has been quite cumbersome...

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Before I got accepted into my CRNA program, most of the Program Directors I talked to said they only expected students to take an introductory gen chem or introductory biochem course. They only wanted science courses taken at the level most nursing programs required of their students which were geared toward the health sciences or as an introductory. They did not require students to take the same level science course as those required by science majors and engineering majors. When I found that out, it made my life a lot easier.


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Dear Jaxon,

I am considering the UC Berkeley Ochem class and had a few questions that I hope you maybe able to answer. Did you have happen to have Dr. Weiwei Gu? Are the exams in multiple choice format?