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Online A&P1


my school offers an online bio 223 (a&p1) class. it looks like everything, including labs, are done online. the teacher actually lives in chili (i am in nv). this would work great this my schedule considering i work full time from 8-4:30 and would haveto take a 7-10pm class otherwise. i have my reservations on it though. i hear horror stories about a&p1. i always hear how difficult this class is so i worry that it will be even more difficult to do online. my one advantage is i have a girl in my current bio class who is going to take it so i already would have a study buddy. has anyone taken an online a&p class? what was it like? an advise or tips would be great!!! thank you! :D

I just wanted to point out that she lives in Chile NOT chili. BAHAHAHAHA! :lol2:

Well, I guess some people love chili so much you could say they live in it. You should be ok particularly since you have a study buddy. Good luck with your course.


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Im finishing up my online AP w/lab. It took a lot of work and study but Im pulling a low A in the class.

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I took it online and finished with an A. I never took notes, but strictly used my book. I would highlight as I read and would use every resource from the publisher. I'd take their practice tests, then go find the answer in my book. I would underline the answer, and if I could not find a similar question I'd write it down in the margin. At times, the exact questions would be on the exams.

I'm in patho now and I have surprised myself by how much I have retained from AP, it obviously worked for me! I found the hardest part of the class was the amount of information to try and learn (I've discovered that it's all relative) and the labs. The labs would take me hours and some of them turned out to be 15 pages or more. I had a VERY demanding teacher in AP1, but I was actually thankful once I figured out what she wanted because it made AP2 a breeze in comparison.

Good luck! Even though AP was a challenging class, it is very COOL. And, everything we'll be doing as nurses is related to it, so be sure to put in 100% effort.


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I took micro online and it was awful, but I made an A in it.


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I would say it depends on what type of a learner you are. I am the type who retains information very well when I hear it one time or if I am shown it once. However, if you are the type who can read it and retain it then an online class would be good for you. It is great that you would know someone else doing it. Whatever you do, good luck =)