'One year med/surg experience REQUIRED'


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So I have been looking for a new job. I would like to work on a medical floor -I'm not even picky as to which kind and am willing to work nights.

I've been a RN for 3 years and as you can see have worked primarily subacute rehab in a LTC and most recently in psych so I don't have acute care experience. I did work as a CNA on a tele floor during nsg school which was a really good experience but when I graduated they didn't have any RN openings. I live in a small suburban community where there is no 'nursing shortage.'

Anyway I want to relocate and get into acute care - the problem is all the job postings state the position REQUIRES one year recent acute care experience. I did apply for one of these positions anyway and they emailed me back that I wasn't qualified.

I understand that acute care is more challenging than what I have been doing but I am totally up to it and willing to learn. And it isn't like I don't have ANY experience.....I feel that i have actually gained alot.

The other thing I don't understand about this is that nsg schools have doubled their enrollments in the past couple years......so where are these students supposed to GET experience if the hospitals only want 'experienced' nurses to begin with??

And I recently heard thru the grapevine that the 'new grad' positions are becoming highly competitive to get into. I don't know if this is only in CO (where I live) or everywhere else too.

And then we wonder why there is a nursing shortage????

Anyway, sorry to vent. I would appreciate any advice.Thanks.


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these hiring requirments go in cycles, if they have the applicants for the jobs they can raise the requirements

med-surg is probably the most physically demanding for nurses which is why they have such a high turn over rate, perhaps there thinking is that if they can hire nurses who know what they are getting into they will 1] stay longer 2] take less time to orient

don't give up is this is what you want to do..try somewhere else, resubmit after a rfew months...talk with wome of the people that you have worked with in the past and ask about probable opening and urge them to give you a good report before interview

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I agree with what Chatsdale has to say.

I have a year and a half of critical care experience and eight years as a licensed paramedic and I still can't break into working in the emergency department in my area. I don't have ED experience. I still keep trying though. Sometimes it's more of who you know rather than what experience you have.

Keep on trying!!


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Have you tried contacting the nurse manager directly? Seems to work around here...

That being said - I feel your pain! I keep getting floated back to critical care but can't get a permanent position... and the ED (adult or kids) seems to sort of laugh when I apply. And I'm really good! Really! (Okay... maybe just passable, but...) ;)

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Are you looking to relocate within Colorado? Or out of state?

Also do you have a BSN?


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When it comes to jobs, I am a big believer in if you dont win if you dont enter - There is never a wasted interview, apply its a great way to get your name out there, and get a look at places.. If you need "more experience" you can get ideas on what you can do to improve your odds if they re-ject you even in e-mail sennd one on saying "what can I do" its amazing how many folks will help or refer.. One thing I have to say is Nursing is great when it comes to people offering job track advice - I love that!!

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I have worked in local hospitals where RNs obtained jobs on med/surg units who only had LTC experience, and I live where there definitely is a nursing shortage. You might check postings on CareerBuilder.com and CraigsList.com for positions in locations that interest you and apply to the positions that require a year or less of acute care experience. If you let us know where you might want to live, we might be able to assist you further.


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the level 1 trauma center in my old area would hire new grads all the time.....same w the micu


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My only advice would be to continue to look for new grad positions and to apply to jobs even if it seems you don't meet the stated requirements. Sometimes they will hire someone without being strict about what the announcement states. Good luck.


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I have 2 weeks left of school and I cannot find a new grad position in my area.

Very discouraging!

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