Once a patient starts on simvastatin (or other statins) is it lifelong treatment?


I'm curious if there is anything about this drug that says that it must be lifelong? If treatment is stopped is the risk that the cholesterol will have some sort of crazy rebound like when you abruptly stop betablockers and get uncontrolled htn? I'm just trying to understand the rationale for lifelong treatment.

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No, no rebound. Some people are put on statins and with weight and diet change can keep the levels down without meds, and the meds can stop. There are some, like me, that cannot get the levels down no matter what, and for us meds will be lifelong.


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Thanks, that confirms what I saw in my research. Seems like the answer is that most people will be on it but there is a chance that things could improve to the point of not needing meds with lifestyle modification.

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Right. Some of it is hereditary, some is choice of lifestyle. For those of us who fall into the hereditary column, we're stuck.

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My father-in-law was taking it for awhile but got tired of paying for it and quit taking it. He is still around 3 yrs. later.

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I stopped taking mine because we were trying to get pregnant. My doc put me on Colestid, but I was put up to the max dosage and my levels were still climbing. 3-4 years later my cholesterol was almost 400 and my lipid levels were enough to make you cringe. I had to go back on my meds or risk problems. If your FIL is willing to take the risk of stroke or MI, that's his choice, but I have too much going for me to take that risk.

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right. some of it is hereditary, some is choice of lifestyle. for those of us who fall into the hereditary column, we're stuck.

hereditary plays a major role for some of us. i have been taking cholesterol lowering drug for 8 years and will continue them till my time of death. my body makes too much on its own, so matter what i do, eat right, exercise, keep the weight down, none of that works. so with meds i am able to keep my totals below 150 and lipids below 145. right where they need to be.

yes, i too know of people that have stopped taking their meds, but i will not due to having 2 open-heart surgeries and the risk factors i have no control over, plus a 8yo daughter that needs her mother around for a few more years.

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Its also important to be under the care of a physician/health care provider while on statins in order to monitor lipid panels and liver function tests.


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I've had patients whose physicians took them off the medications due to liver or muscle damage.

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