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I am a new CNA and loving it. But my back is killing me.:zzzzz I try everything. I use proper body mechanics, try to raise the bed before working, but at the end of the day it just hurts. Any tips on keeping the back pain free, or is the pain unavoidable?

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"sore" "tired" are to be expected......pain, not every day......would suggest a good physical exam, prob see a physiatrist if possible.....and some "core" body work like pilates or something.....good luck


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Welcome! These pains you are experiencing are particularly common among CNA's.....period. No matter how proper the body mechanics, my body would ache. This is the downside to all that heavy labor you have to endure. I used to use a heating pad at night sometimes. You will have your good days and you will have your bad days. It gets a little better over time, but since you are new, all that pain hits you at once.


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I had the same problem when I first started working. My back got used to it after a month or two. I think you just need to strengthen the muscles in your back that aren't used to being used :)


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I agree with the response above me... I think you'll be fine once your body gets used to all the strain being put on it.

When I first started, my body would ache once in awhile (and still does!) but not too bad since I was used to straining my muscles in sports and such. But I've worked with a few girls that when they first started, their bodies were sore for weeks but eventually it wore off and now they talk about how much stronger they are since they started working as a CNA.

Just hang in there and if the problem persists, I would suggest seeing a doctor.


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I would see a physician is the pain continues or gets worse. I was a CNA back in the 80's and spent years in agony after lifting a certain patient. It was only in 2000 that I finally told my doc to do an MRI that I found out I have bulging disks in L4 and L5, plus S1, that slip into a nerve in my back if I do too much or turn the wrong way or even pick up something on the floor.

Please try to rest as much as possible and do see someone about your pain if it continues. Being a CNA, nurse etc can be back breaking work. Lifting residents/patients is what did it to me. I can still work, but I have to be very careful. Make sure you watch your posture, don't bend over from the waist; stoop (which I am sure you have heard 100 times) and just try to be careful.

Hope this helps a bit :)


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You can try pilates and streatching before work. Its very important to have a strong core to back up the body mechanics. When I first started ibprophen was my best friend!!!

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