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What is it like to live in Tornado alley? Are houses cheap in this area? How often do you have tornado warnings? What do you do if you are at work and your pets are home alone and there is a tornado... Read More

  1. by   Blackcat99
    Hi BabyRN2be.
    Wow! Has it really been a whole year? Time is flying. I am so glad that you haven't had any tornadoes this year. :hatparty: And your BF is now your husband!!! Congratulations :hatparty: Hope your weather will stay good the rest of the year.
  2. by   BabyRN2Be
    Hi Blackcat!

    Yeah, I agree with you! Where has the time gone? Yes, it was a year ago already that we had all those tornadoes. Wish we had at least some interesting weather this year. Like I said, we haven't had that much rain and we are WAY behind. I've noticed that the trees at the entrance to our neighborhood are looking a little stressed, and a lot of our trees in back are looking very stressed as well. We really could use the rain. The bad thing is, we are well into summer, and it's going to be a hot one.

    Wish we could have one like we had last year. Goodness, it was almost unheard of in Oklahoma! Temps mostly in the upper 80's and low 90's and DRY (as in, not humid) for the most part. Not one day above 100... we are supposed to top the century mark sometime this week. So much for a summer like last years.

    Thanks for the congrats! Hubby and I are enjoying our new lives together. However, our first fight is brewing... it's gonna be with Super Soakers and water balloons this weekend! Great way to cool off!

    Take care, Blackcat!
  3. by   carolinapooh
    Quote from BabyRN2Be
    I was reminded of one more incident that was worse than my dad and brother watching a video instead of storm coverage. When the weather is bad, local stations will preempt national TV programs. They encourage everyone in the path of a tornado to seek cover and tune to a local TV or radio station for the latest. What really got me was that they were preempting national programming for coverage of a large tornado in Muskogee (I was missing Survivor! *sniff sniff* ). However, EVERYONE in this town was gathered at a park to WATCH this massive tornado! Law enforcement was trying to get everyone to get home and take cover, but these guys are insisting on staying outside to watch this tornado! This was a very large group, not just a dozen people. LE was having a fit, and I agree, this was a rather stupid thing for people to do. There wasn't a covered area in the park, and if it actually hit the park, this could have turned quite tragic. Some people... :uhoh21:
    I was stationed in Oklahoma in the USAF for four years; I was there when that F5 roared across the state. That year (1999) it seemed that every weekend the sirens in town went off. I remember my next door neighbors were on the ROOF once when the sirens went off (they were born-and-bred Oklahomans) watching a tiny tornado about three miles off.

    NUTS!! Tornadoes are interesting (and I always laugh a bit to myself when my friends here start getting nervous when we're placed under the odd tornado watch - they haven't seen ANYTHING IMO), but being from the coast, I say give me a good old hurricane any day - at least I have a fighting chance of getting completely out of its way!

    (I've lived in CA, too, as a Navy brat - and ya'll can have your earthquakes, fault lines, tremors - the whole kit and kaboodle!) :uhoh21: