Oklahoma Hospital Shooting

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On 6/4/2022 at 12:11 PM, klone said:

Millions of people live with chronic pain (myself included, I was one of the lucky ones for whom back surgery greatly improved my pain). Yet, we don't start going on shooting rampages.

The issue here is NOT "the war on opioids" or chronic pain management. The issue is a complete lack of mental health care in our country,  coupled with lax gun laws that allow any psychopath who is at least 18 to get their hands on an assault rifle. 

We need red flag laws, we need to make sure every person in the country KNOWS about the red flag laws and how  to use them,  and we need to get rid of ***ing assault rifles.

All the factors you mention PLUS REAL UNRELIEVED PAIN are part of the problem,.


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