ok whats up with my posts


does anyone know why all the sudden at the bottom of my post is my date of being a part of Allnurses and my post number and likes. Never had that before. How do I get rid of it?



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ok I see that everone is having this so that makes me feel better. I thought at first it was just me and that maybe i messed something up

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NO....((HUGS)) it's an upgrade we are going through

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All that info used to be in the header where you clicked to see more details or something like that. I like seeing it, so I always had it set to automatically show.


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Esme wants to flaunt her 21,750 likes :cheeky:


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Esme wants to flaunt her 21' date='750 likes :cheeky:[/quote'] Haha! She deserves every single one!