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Ok Now What?


I have sent in my application for my NCLEX...how long do I have to wait to register with good ole pearson vue? Does the BON send me something or do I just get on and register online anytime..little confused with this. Someone is coming to talk to our class in a couple weeks but I dont want to wait until then getting everything sent in now background check already complete also.

CT Pixie, BSN, RN

Has 10 years experience.

You can register with Pearson Vue when ever you want. But be aware, Pearson Vue won't send your ATT until they get the go ahead from the BON you sent your application to. And that won't happen until after your school sends the paperwork to the BON. That usually occurs when you complete your final classes and grades are in.

You have to graduate and have your degree confirmed before your BON will allow PV to send your ATT. The BON is going to want your official transcripts, which usually takes about 3 weeks after graduation to get from most schools. Once you get those, you need to either walk them into the BON or send them (I recommend certified mail) to the BON then you should get your ATT in a matter of days.