Ok, I have been having a problem down under and am a *little* worried

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Kimmi take care of yourself and yes planned parenthood is a good thought and heathers idea was good too. Make payments. Did it myself took me many moons to pay some of my medical bills when I was uninsured. Could you afford the student rate insurance via the school? Try the school clinic. Hugs and take care,



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Please don't leave us in the dark about this and in the mean time I will keep you tucked inside my heart with warm wishes and good thoughts.


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Sounds like me with the spotting. I have a benign fibroid tumor that I'm having a hysterectomy for next summer-my choice. Don't want to wait until I HAVE to have the surgery and be almost gone by then like many of my friends have done. Try your best to get assistance and get seen by a doctor. God Bless and best to you.


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Sorry, I know the comment is comming a little late..... I would definitely check into planned parenthood,they usually have state funding for obgyn related care that has less strict income requirements than medicaid (the application is one page and you don't have to list all of your assets). I went to planned parenthood in when I was in nursing school because I did not have insurance, I was surprised to find out the same program that lowered my birth control cost to $5 per month could also get me treated for UTI's, etc for a $5 copay.

Birth control pills/implants/etc? Hormonal changes? Whatever the case....GO SEE A OB/GYN MD!


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Hope everything went well at your appt.



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Update with my appointment.

I went, and I am still waiting to hear the results. She put me on an antibiotic because my WBC's were elevated. That is about it for now. There has been no spotting over the past week, so that is good news. Hopefully, it is an infection and everything will be OK. Thanks guys for your concern. Really appreciated.

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I hope everthing is ok with you. Just had another idea you might want to look into; in case you need it. the National Student Nurses Association (NSNA) offers health insurance too. I don't know how much it costs though. I may be looking into it myself.

Let us know how you're doing.

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