Third tier class requirements for Ohio

  1. The carriculum at Ohio specifies 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Tier courses required to meet their Gen Ed requirements. Has anyone had a class transferred/accepted into this 3rd tier slot? The ones they recommend appear to be in-depth, life-, energy-, and enjoyment-sucking courses! Hoping to find something else I can take (or have already taken) that can transfer in.

    At this point, I've only applied and had transcripts sent in. I'm waiting to hear back from them. I probably won't be starting core nursing courses until summer. Have stats and nutrition to knock out this spring, so not in a big hurry right now. Hopefully everything else transfers in. May have another class to take, but hopefully not!
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  3. by   Blondenurse83
    I have a previous bachelors degree in history and political science, and my history capstone class (400 level I believe) was accepted for the tier 3 requirement. Good luck!
  4. by   BacktotheBeach
    I think the last nursing class meets this requirement. Look for NUR 4600.
  5. by   cincinursemary
    My advisor told me 4600 is the Tier 3 course for this program. You will be lucky if you only have the nsg courses and 2 others. Do you have an ARTS, JR Composition, Philisophy Course already? I think these are requirements beyond the Gen Ed courses. Good Luck. Let us know if everything transfers in.
  6. by   Blondenurse83
    I was thinking of the junior level comp, not the third tier. 4600 does meet the third tier.
  7. by   rninme
    4600 meets that requirement. Tier II - has to be a class with the J designation in the class number. I took the junior level composition class
  8. by   11nick
    Well.... maybe you'd be willing to throw in your 2 since the folks at OU are so poor at communicating with prospective/future students....
    It appears that it is a requirement for every educational institution to make their catalogs and course descriptions so complex in wording and description that you must first have majored in law, as well as had a minor in collegiate technical writing.
    I don't see where philosophy is specifically required. It 'appears' that it is one of a range of classes that fulfills the 'Humanities and Literature' portion. I realized after making my original post that I also needed to fill that "hole" in my Gen Eds. The local community college has an online World Religions class that is supposed to be a quick, easy class, and, according to the OU catalog, it 'appears' that it will fulfill that Humanities slot in Gen Eds. If you know I am incorrect, please, please, please speak up! I tried talking to an advisor the other day and they didn't seem too interested in providing any guidance to me until I was officially christened an accepted OU-ite.
    If, by ARTS, you mean 'Fine Arts'.... I have a music appreciation class that seems will fit the bill.
    Your JR Composition as thrown me, though. Briefly reading over the description, I thought I had it covered. Now that I actually read the description of the classes.... I'm not so sure. Did you have to take this through OU? It seems like it would be a time consuming, research-heavy class. Was it?
  9. by   BacktotheBeach
    They are actually very generous in accepting courses, but it is a huge pain wading through it now. It sounds like the Music appreciation will work. JR comp should be most junior/senior level writing classes from a four year college, it can't be from an associates program. And Jr comp at OU is an easy class, BTW.

    I am linking you to a form you could try to fax them. I understand they may not want to evaluate if you are not a current student, but its worth a try ?

    would not take anything else that you don't know for sure will transfer. If you are coming from another college in Ohio, this transfer module may help.
  10. by   woodsyny
    11nick, make sure you call or speak to your advisor if you have one if they have received all of your transcripts. Jr Comp is Business Communications at OU and is a 15 week class but very easy, BUT it has to come from a 4 year college. They were very good at accepting credits, some of mine were over 30 years old! Music appreciation should transfer as one of the fine arts classes. You will also need microbiology and nutrition also.
  11. by   11nick
    I already have Micro, as it was required for my Associates program. I find it odd and frustrating how things are not more similar between programs. Total credits and specific course requirements for one school are not the same as any other program out there. Every single one is different. I don't have stats, and, although it is required in most RN-to-BSN programs, it isn't required in all in a few of them. Philosophy is required in some, but others want a similar humanities course. Micro was a requirement for me to enter my Associates program, but it apparently isn't required for all. Most BSN courses require Nutrition, but some (OU) require it to be the 'health nutrition', which is an easier course; and others require the BIO nutrition class, which is much more in depth.
    Regardless, the 5 week classes is the 'hook' for me for OU. I've just relented and accepted the fact that every program is going to require a different set of required classes I have to take to get up to their standards. So I'm just jumping on the idea of 5 week classes. If there were another accredited RN to BSN program with 5 week classes, I'd shop it pretty hard.
  12. by   woodsyny
    OU is just regular nutrition. I did not take a health nutrition. The 5 week classes are fast paced and doable. I started in Feb of this year and will be done in April of next year. 15 classes in 14 months. You can be done sooner if you double up but one class at a time was enough for me. My brain is a little cooked but I will be done and they were very lenient with transfer credits from other colleges. I did not take all my electives there.
  13. by   11nick
    Thanks for you input.
    You said the business composition class was easy....
    I'm taking several classes already in the spring. Is the composition class so easy that it won't eat up much time and I could take it with other classes? Did you take it during your nursing classes, or before you started the BSN course? How many other classes were you taking at the same time?
    I've taken several online classes before. I see OU has online classes where you must go take proctored tests. This is new to me. All online classes I've ever taken were literally completely online. Is this composition class online, or do I have to go have stuff proctored?
    Thanks again
  14. by   woodsyny
    11nick if you are on Facebook there is an online OU Bsn site which is very helpful. I took business communications with statistics and a nursing class this summer. It was very doable as it is only offered as a 15 week class and got a 97% in it taking other classes I have not taken any proctored exams at OU and some of the electives there have proctored exams. I took my electives elsewhere except business communication. None of the nursing classes have proctored exams. Business communications is entirely online with no proctored exams and was very easy
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