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  1. by   TiffanyMarie84
    I am just now beginning the adn program at Gulf Coast State College, but i am a planner, and have been scoping OU's RN-BSN online program.

    I am trying to confirm what i heard about OU accepting sociology as cultural perspective...
    ALso I have taken Understanding theater...I wonder where that will stand

    CAn some people give me an idea of exactly which classes were accepted for fine arts, and also junior composition?
    \I have taken english comp 1 already, i wonder if 2 would be sufficient? Has anyone had english comp 2 accepted, or any other class accepted for junior comp?
    I am trying to get an idea of what I can take at my local community college. Thank in advance

    ANyone who has had classes accepted for anything, can you tell me what they were? that would be a tremendous help.
  2. by   TiffanyMarie84
    ALso what does it mean where OU site says something about you cant take more than a specific number of credits in the six categories of general ed at the same school? thats confusing. Does that mean If I complete equivalents for all of those a t local cc, will they not accept all of them thanks again
  3. by   heathert_kc
    It sounds confusing when you first read it, but it totally makes sense. Check this out: http://www.ohio.edu/univcollege/cour...i_fall2008.pdf

    It gives you the full list of all of the courses they offer that will fullfill said requirements for graduation. They talk about working in cooperation with local community college and accept transfer credits for equivalent courses, so if it is a freshman/sophmore course you should be able to transfer it from a CC. But upper division classes such as junior level english/writing that they require is a 300 level course so it has to be taken at a 4 yr college or university.

    Of coarse you would have to submit a transcript officially and have it evaluated by their registar and most schools won't 100% guarantee any specific credit will transfer until you have done that.

    My question was do the pre (or co) requisites that are required for the BSN program specifically, count toward the teir 11 general education requirement, those posted in the address above?
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  4. by   TiffanyMarie84
    Thank you. From. What I. Have been reading, and it's a lot... at the beginning of this thread even
    some people have had their evaluation, and it turns out they had all equivalents for gen es except statistics. So they only had to do the 12 core. Also I'm gonna get the links rounded uup so you can see what I mean, but I read on ohios site that you can actually test out and be exempt from junior comp by writing a timed essay that meets their standards. Has anybody done this? How was it? Thecc I am attending just renamed to a state college and they offer English comp 1and 2 surely those work for either or writing and rhetoric and junior comp? also I tested at college level math onplacement. Will I or should I take a math course?

    As much as it sounds promising its extremely confusing
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  5. by   VinoLover2030
    TiffanyM:I have taken english 1 and 2 at a university and it will NOT count as Junior level english. It will count toward your Freshman English requirement. This is what they( OU) have listed on their site for Math and English.I have posted the link as well


    Quantitative Skills. You must demonstrate or acquire an acceptable level of quantitative skills to satisfy graduation requirements. The University uses your ACT or SAT (see chart below) math score to determine your skill level for placement or exemption unless the Tier I quantitative skills requirement has been satisfied by transfer or advanced placement credit. Students in some majors are required to have a math placement regardless of transfer or advanced placement credit in order to meet prerequisite requirements. The choice of the course in which you should enroll, if any, depends on your major, catalog of entry and math placement, and should be discussed with your academic adviser.

    Students without ACT scores, SAT scores, advanced placement, or a transferable math course must take an online math placement test. Direct questions to the placement testing coordinator, University College, 740.593.1935. Regional campus students should contact their student services offices.

    Math Placement Level Minimum ACT Math Score needed Minimum SAT Math Score needed First Course
    DV1 < 15 < 379 MATH 101 - Basic Mathematics
    DV2 16 380 MATH 102 - Elementary Algebra
    PL1 20 480 MATH 109 - Consumer Mathematics or MATH 113 - College Algebra or MATH 120 - Elementary Topics in Mathematics or PHIL 120 - Principles of Reasoning or PSY 120 - Elementary Statistical Reasoning
    PL2 24 560 MATH 163A - Introduction to Calculus or MATH 115 - Pre-Calculus or PSY 221 - Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences
    PL3 30 680 MATH 263A - Calculus I or MATH 266A - Calculus with Applications to Biology I

    Any Ohio University MATH course numbered 109 or above, PHIL 120 , 120 , or 221 satisfies the Tier I quantitative skills requirement (1M). To enroll in any MATH or other quantitative skills course, you must either place at the specific level required for that course or satisfy the appropriate prerequisites.

    Placement levels are:

    DV1 (Developmental): Placement at this level indicates inadequate preparation to enroll in a Tier I quantitative skills course. You must complete MATH 101 before enrolling in MATH 102 . Students receiving this recommendation who plan to major in an area requiring advanced math (e.g. engineering, or business majors) should discuss their choices with the faculty or professional advisers.

    DV2 (Developmental): This level indicates inadequate preparation to enroll in a Tier I quantitative skills course. You must complete MATH 102 before enrolling in a Tier I quantitative skills course.

    PL1 (Placement Level 1): Placement at this level indicates preparation for any of the following Tier I–fulfilling courses: MATH 109 , 113 , 117 , 118 (available only at regional campuses and through correspondence), MATH 120 (early childhood, middle childhood, and intervention specialist education majors only), MATH 147 , PHIL 120 , PSY 120 .

    Note: Students who need MATH 163A should enroll first in MATH 113 and then take MATH 163A. Students who need MATH 263A should begin with MATH 113 followed by MATH 115 and then MATH 263A.

    PL2 (Placement Level 2): Placement at this level indicates preparation for Level 1 courses as well as these additional Tier I–fulfilling courses: MATH 115 (recommended only for students who plan to enroll in MATH 263A or MATH 266A ), MATH 150 , MATH 163A , MATH 250 , PSY 221 .

    Note: MATH 115 is the prerequisite course for MATH 263A and MATH 266A. MATH 115 is not recommended unless you plan on enrolling in those MATH 263A/MATH 266A. Students cannot earn credit for both MATH 163A and MATH 263A. MATH 163A is not a prerequisite for MATH 263A.

    PL3 (Placement Level 3): Placement at this level demonstrates quantitative skill competence sufficient to fulfill the Tier I quantitative skills requirement. If your major requires that you enroll in a quantitative skills course, placement at Level 3 indicates preparation for MATH 263A (or MATH 266A for natural science majors) and any course in Levels 1 or 2. A level 3 placement does not guarantee a waiver of college or major requirements in mathematics. Contact your college office to see if a college waiver is in effect for your major.

    English Composition. A first–year composition course and an advanced junior–level composition course are required. Any of ENG 151 , 151A , 152 , 153 , 153A , or 153B will satisfy the University’s General Education first–year writing requirement (1E). These courses are alternative, not sequential, courses in writing. You should select your course by looking at the descriptions and choosing the one that appeals to you. (All regional campus students are given a placement test.)

    In your junior year, you must take an approved advanced writing course unless you demonstrate advanced writing proficiency by passing the junior–level exemption exam. The following courses fulfill the junior–level composition requirement:

    Anthropology: ANTH 356J

    Art: ART 300J

    Business Administration: B A 325J

    Classics and World Religions: CLWR 385J

    Communication: PRCM 325J

    Economics: ECON 310J

    Education - Curriculum and Instruction: EDCI 331J

    Engineering Technology: ET 385J

    English: ENG 305J , 306J , 307J , 308J , 309J , 384J

    Environmental and Plant Biology: PBIO 418J

    Film: FILM 344J

    Geography: GEOG 375J

    Health Sciences: HLTH 370J

    History: HIST 301J , 396J

    Human and Consumer Sciences Education General: CONS 345J

    Industrial Technology: ETM 370J

    Interdisciplinary Arts: IART 360J

    Journalism: JOUR 441J

    Modern Languages: M L 321J , 370J

    Music: MUS 320J

    Philosophy: PHIL 301J

    Political Science: POLS 305J

    Recreation and Sport Science: REC 370J

    Social Work: S W 370J

    Sociology: SOC 356J

    These courses are marked in this catalog with the designation (1J) as the general education code.

    If you are a transfer student, your requirements are determined by when you enroll and the number and type of credit hours transferred.
  6. by   VinoLover2030
    so I had a D in Sociology and they are stating that because it is a Degree specific course that I may have to retake it. They are double checking for me though. They also stated that my DARS is still not complete. I have alot of chemisrty courses that they had not given me credit for.
    1)I will have to take micro biology-but Im gonna check to see if I can possibley test out of it since OU does not require lab
    as far as courses that have transferred and what they used my courses towards
    english 1&2 will cover you Freshman English Tier 1, (your Tier 1 courses will be Freshman English, Statistics and Junior level eng course
    For my tier 2 courses they accepted A & P 1and 2 Natural Sciences
    and Psychology 101 for Social Sciences
  7. by   chuckster
    wow sshannon81 - this is an impressive amount of useful info - much more than i've gotten from ou in the nearly 3 months since i applied there! i'm eager to see what my evaluation looks like but according the e-mail i got some weeks back, may not see anything from them until early june.

    not an easy process.
  8. by   VinoLover2030
    Hey also if your getting financial aid you have to take atleast 6 credit hours. If you happen to start courses in the B term you will need to pick up an extra class to make sure you have enough credit hours. If you start in an A term then you can just add another course to your B term to ensure you have enough hours. The Financial Aid officer Lisa Butler told me that when you sign up for summer term to make sure you sign up for A & B term together so you fin aid will be disbursed right. I guess there are mix ups that come because the year end for the government and aid packages are given out in July even though the course starts in June. I was told that I may have to pay my classes out of pocket until aid is disbursed in July after the 4th.
    I hope this helps. Im just posting as I get info.
  9. by   heathert_kc
    so if those i was right in assuming that some of the teir 1 courses can cover the teir ii requirement? according to what you are saying sshannon81
  10. by   VinoLover2030
    well no not actually. Tier 1 courses only include freshman english, statistics and Junior english.
    Here is a form I found on their site that I am using in conjunction with what I posted earlier. This has helped me navigate courses needed better as I was freaking out by what I thought I would have to take.

  11. by   VinoLover2030
    I had 101.5 hours transfer in and I currently have 94.5 accepted with more to come after talking with an advisor today.In the end it looks like I will need to take
    All the nursing course (12 total)
    Chemistry( again if they dont take my advanced chemistry courses)
    Junior level english
    Cross cultural class
    fine arts class
    Humanities( I took a public speaking class at Univ of cincinnati which was listed as a humanities course of COMS 103.for some reason OU states that they wont take it as humanities. Ill be fighting that though.
    adolescent development
    sociology( again if they dont accept my D in that course)
  12. by   BrookeeLou_RN
    Not to be pessimist but I have never ever heard of any school requiring the student to do all this figuring. Typically they look at unofficial transcripts and simply tell you what they will accept and what you still need. And yes most evaluate unofficial transcript.. of course you must have real transcripts sent..many will allow you to start even before they get them all. And I have never heard of a school making a student pay and wait to get federal aid disbursements. Very unusual.
    I hope you all get your money's worth out of this place. I have read too many posts that send up Warning signs to me. Please be careful.. cheaper is not always better..
    Just my
  13. by   VinoLover2030
    Ill be fine dont worry. They do tell you what you need. I was worried about what I had that would transfer and then of those courses what I would need to graduate.I have courses coming from a few schools and waiting for them to completely finish my DARS has been a big waiting game. Believe me there was plenty that sent up red flags at the beginning but as I working through it it is becoming clearer. It is a newer program for them and so yes I do understand it takes time to make it smooth. What Im posting is only my journey. I have not been totally happy through it but Im committed to finishing my BSN. Its accredited so Im good to go. I dont expect this degree on a silver platter I figured I would have to work for it ( although not this hard lol.) Paying your tuition up is not odd to me for your summer courses. Every school I have been to makes sure to apply monies from finaid towards your classes for summer as yes there can be a delay because the government ends its year in June.thats when folks can apply for the next year IE 2011-2012( depending when the summer course starts for your school) According to OU they start their courses B term right at the deadline so It would be best to register for SU a&b together instead of waiting or you may end up having to pay your SU b term cash instead of using aid. You will still get your aid but not before the deadline to pay for your course. THats all Im trying to say