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YOU MIGHT BE FROM OHIO IF...... You've had to switch from AC to heat, in the same day. You end your sentences with unnecessary prepositions, such as: "Where's my coat at?" You install... Read More

  1. by   swimer
    Quote from renerian
    You got it on the POP. My brother in cali corrected me on the pop thingy now it is soda.

    Thats so funny! My brother just went off to college 6 months ago, and came back for the holidays...and started saying "soda". I was like "what the...??"
  2. by   laura.lynn_rn
    This list was emailed to me by a friend.. my husband and his parents and I laughed so hard we had tears in our eyes- it is so true!

    When we travelled to SC on assignment, I got a LOT of teasing from saying "pop"
  3. by   travelingnursetobe
    I must admit, I can tell those form Southern Ohio with your first few words you've said (written). I am from Cleveland of course. Having lived in FL, DC, Detroit, and a couple other states, most agree that the Southern Ohioans sound very much like they are from - Kentucky. Many people I have met from other states, especially NY, say we just have no accents at all!
  4. by   all4schwa
    'please?' for 'i didn't hear you' definitely throws people off, definitely an ohio thing....and what about 'boot' for the trunk of your car?
  5. by   DR2004RN
    Born in Phoenix but raised in Ohio. I too have heard "warsh" for wash. Has anyone heard "rinsh" for rinse. (Now, c'mon, if you're gonna warsh your clothes, you gotta rinsh them too!) I use the term "you guys" all the time. And yes, Diet Pepsi is my favorite kind of "Pop." I live in a really small village (approx 1500 people) and when I go to work in Toledo (the big city) I tell everyone that I live in "Podunk" since almost no one I work with has heard of my small town. I have also been called a "Hick" witch doesn't bother me one bit. I love to watch the 6 o'clock news (said nooooze) and when I say our it comes out like "hour". I think it is rude when someone does not say "excuse me" after they belch. However, if I didn't hear something that was said, I will say "pardon me" or "come again." I can't recall ever hearing some one say "please" when they have not heard what I said. I love this thread and just had to add my two cents.
  6. by   all4schwa
    Quote from DR2004RN
    Born in Phoenix but raised in Ohio.

    I can't recall ever hearing some one say "please" when they have not heard what I said.
    I was born in Phoenix and can remember my mom crying when we moved to small town ohio, 'please take me home, i can't live here with these people!'
    My, how she has adjusted now! And we remind her!

    I think maybe the please is a southern ohio thing. They ALL do it around here. I've caught myself....

    I have to say, the 'warsh' makes me crazy. And we live near 'warshington' court house (odd name for a town, isn't it?) so, i hear it a lot.

    But I love ohio and I wouldn't have it any other way...
    anyhoo, i love this thread.... it's good to connect :icon_hug:
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  7. by   DR2004RN
    Just thought of one more. Do you guys ever go to the Li-berry (library)?
  8. by   crjnursewarrior
    Hey, guys!

    I have family near "Warsh-ington Court House"!! And I have had several friends that used to go to the "li-bary"!! :chuckle
  9. by   YdeGirl
    I've lived here all my life, and these just make me crazy on a daily basis:
    "warsh" for wash
    "pitcher" instead of picture (are you going to drink out of that photo?)
    "feesh" instead of fish
    "untollable" for intolerable
    and my favorite:
    "mute" instead of moot (It always makes me laugh when I hear that song Jessie's Girl and he says "I want to tell her but the point is probably moot" because I think of someone saying Mute instead. -ok, i'm easily amused)

    gotta love ohio
  10. by   NoWaNrN
    I learned to talk in GA and now live in OH I'll ask my husband to grab me a soda, and he gets so frustrated "why can't you just say pop?"
  11. by   NoWaNrN
    what about those who say torlet instead of toilet? that drives me crazy
  12. by   all4schwa
    have we covered push and cushions yet? around here it's poo-sh and
  13. by   sassy7cassy
    he gets so frustrated "why can't you just say pop?"
    AHHHHHH because it's soda! haha I'm a native Ohioan but saying "pop" just drives me batty.

    I am not about to comb over this thread, but back home I hear "crick" instead of "creek" and my grandfather used to say "chimley" instead of "chimney".