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Is anyone here working for or worked for riverside methodist? Just curious to see another take on the hospital. Thinking of getting a job there soon. What do you think of riverside compared to other... Read More

  1. by   futurepeds
    As a patient at Riverside I loved it. My husband worked as a pharmacist for many years at Riverside and really liked it there. That is truly my only feedback. Good luck!
  2. by   Run4life
    Do you know if Riverside offers a program for RNs wanting to rejoin the workforce? I have been out of nursing for awhile, my license is on inactive status, but may be returning due to divorce.
  3. by   ambunurse
    I work at OSU...benefits are hard to pass up. Good place to work with lots of education and cutting edge tech. Various cultures, people come from all ovetthe world to be treated there. Lots of ways to get involved in the medical center. Staff to patient ratio not bad. If you are looking into the OSU East side the clientle is a little rougherand more chronically ill be more on the lines of where it is located.
  4. by   ambunurse
    P.S I worked for Riverside for 14 years....If you desire to "customer service" yourself to death..then
  5. by   blueheaven
    I used to work at a little hospital in extreme southern Ohio, as far as being able to get our patients transferred out in a timely manner, professionalism of the staff, I had no problems with Riverside, OSU. OSU has the better benefits, retirement is through PERS (state) which is excellent.
  6. by   zena231
    I work for OSU, but have had clinicals at both OSU and RMH. I've not noticed much difference to tell the truth and my neighbor works at Riverside and is fine with it. From what I have heard you get the same stuff at both places, a little good, little bad...
  7. by   illidan01
    Does Riverside reimburse for any nursing school? Does OSU just reimburse for OSU Nursing school?
  8. by   confused101
    Quote from ELKMNin06
    dont work at riverside....its awful. OSU is magnet and has an awesome training program. They have the best reputation.
    Riverside is now magnet. I work there and I'm very happy with it.
  9. by   zena231
    OSU was paying for us to go to CSCC for the RN program. However, they recently stopped taking new applicants ( maybe they have plenty of people in the program?). Riverside also pays for nursing school at CSCC for their people. I assume that program is still running, but am not sure as I dont work there. They also were paying for futher education -BSN and such.
  10. by   STRIDERRN
    I have worked at Riverside for 23 yrs, and it is a good place to work. I worked at osu briefly. It is your choice, but Riverside has no union or union dues, and parking is free :wink2:
  11. by   emetcal1
    Anyone have any insight on how to get a job at Riverside as a new grad? I have applied online multiple times and I feel it is now time to just walk in there and demand/beg for a job (whatever it takes!). I just passed my NClex and I graduated from Kent with my BSN so I am ready to get into nursing, but this move to Columbus has been a drag with the whole job thing. Any advice?
  12. by   bluedevils83
    I am a nurse but have been a patient at both and let me tell you, Riverside was awesome. The nurses seemed to have good ratios, the ancillary staff was nice and helpful and everyone seemed.....HAPPY. It was nice to see people generally happy at work. OSU was a nightmare. Everyone was grumpy, complained that "they were short staffed" etc. Have no clue as far as salary and benefits. Goodluck.
  13. by   bluedevils83
    Forget the online stuff. Get in there and meet the RN recruiter face to face. Be assertive but not a pain. Show that you are interested in learning and SHOW THEM WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR THEM!