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Hi all, I am from Michigan and was in nursing school there. The Friday before I started my first nursing class my husband was offered a job here. I only got one semester of nursing classes in... Read More

  1. by   Imafloat
    [QUOTE=tomkat612]Hi all,

    I have an appointment with a counselor at Wright state in June and Kettering on the 21st. In Michigan I was in an associates program.

    I read this thread and wondered what you ended up doing? How did your meetings go?
  2. by   loriannlpn
    Quote from tomkat612
    I worked in hospitals in Michigan as a PCA while doing my prereq's and I know LPNs could not dose narcotics, push meds and the nurses had to sign off on all their charts. I didn't mean to offend anyone, I never said you weren't a nurse. I said for myself, I would rather be an RN. If you noticed I also said I was willing to become an LPN until I can get my degree.

    I also did not choose Ohio, I would never have left nursing school in Michigan if given a choice. My husband was offered a position here and for him and his career it was just too good to pass.

    Although I will say since being here that most of the people have been very nice and it is a beautiful state.
    You have talked about the waiting list's. Will your credits transfer? If not, you could be working toward that. I am not sure how far you are willing to drive, however, springfield has a ADN program at the community hospital. I think that they will help pay or pay for your education as long as you sign on with them. The possiblity is that you could work as a CNA, while going to school.
    Just a thought. I am in the same boat you are, the difference is that I am working for my LPN, but ultimate goal is BSN... Also if you go to, click on education and there is a PDF file of accredited schools in OHio for LPN and RN. Good luck in your quest.
  3. by   galaxy781

    I know this post is old but I am kinda new and thought i'd reply. TOmkat, I am interested to see where you are now! I dont know where Centerville is exactly but you mentioned Dayton in one of your posts, Cincinnati is about 45 mins from Dayton and we have quite a few programs here! NKU has a BSN program that I dont think has a waiting list, C-state has an ADN program but the waiting list for clinicals is about 18 months ave. UC has an RN program but I hear their wait lists for ADN are long but they have a BSN that I dont htink waits. Xavier Univ-has a BSN program, Mount ST. Joe has a BSN program with no wait and an Masters of nursing progam, which is the route I am taking...Also Good Sam Hospital and Christ hospital both have a nursing school in the hospital (no waits, 24 mo program), they are certificate programs, you would basically be an ADN, wouldnt be LPN...there is one LPN program here that I know of at Brown Mackie College, but I dont know about their waitlist..There are so many ways to go!!! I say go the quickest and cheapest route! LOL good luck!