lpn-rn programs in Cincinnati

  1. Does anyone know of any lpn-rn bridge programs in Cincinnati besides CSTCC? Has anyone ever done the one at Cincinnati State? I am in the LPN program at Brown Mackie right now and am trying to research bridge programs that I can do once I get certified and work for a year or so. Thanks!!
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    I go to Rets Tech in Centerville Oh, I know it is a drive but there are a lot of ladies in my class who live in Cinci and make the haul 3 days a week. It takes me about 45 min. to get there but I travel south on I 75. Hope this helped some.
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    Thanks! I will def look into that. How are you liking it? How long is the program?
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    the greater cincinnati educational council had an lpn program on ezzard charles drive. you could probably get info by calling the school board.

    hope this helps.
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    Quote from magster11
    Thanks! I will def look into that. How are you liking it? How long is the program?

    The program is 15 months. First semester you start with BIO 207 (A&P I), English (if you don't have prior credit), and I'm not sure what else because they have restructured the program since I got in. I'm finishing up second semester in BIO 248 (A&P II) and NUR 240 (Adult Med/Surg). I am in class two days a week and have two clinical days. Next semester I take Pharm, Microbiology, NUR 250 (Maternal/Child health), and one day per week for clinical rotation in pediatrics and OB.

    RETS has conditional accreditation with full approval to follow early next year. I won't lie, they are costly, as in around $20,000. As with any new program, there are bugs to work out (RETS has had an LPN program for years, but have only graduated one RN class so far, with another one set to graduate in December). It is an accelerated program, but I haven't had any trouble so far. I like my all my instructors so far!

    Graduation August 2007!
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    Which Brown Mackie are you attending? I am in NKY
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    Hondros and Bohecker Colleges Of Nursing offer an LPN to RN or current LPN to RN program.They are brand new schools in Cincinnati with no waiting lists either and have open enrollment 4 times a year.