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Oh No! I got 265 questions on NCLEX!

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Oh the beloved NCLEX exam! The one test that stands in your way of starting your long awaited nursing career. Here is my story that will hopefully ease nerves and answer questions.

In August 2015, I took my NCLEX. I waited for my ATT for almost three weeks, so apply early! I am in NY by the way. I studied everyday for 3 weeks. Before taking my exam I did two test runs to the test site to make sure I knew where i was going, the first trip i did not go inside because the building was closed, on the second trip i went inside and saw exactly where the room was for the test. i recommend doing this, it eases your nerves on test day becuase you know exactly where you are going and gives you an idea of the traffic flow in that area.

Test Day:

I was the first person to sign in, and was escorted to my cubicle, took a deep breath and began answering questions. I answered question 75 clicked next and the next question appeared, i was scared but comforted that if i was getting more questions then i was doing well.

before i knew it i was at question 150, then question 180, then question 220, which is when i relaized i was going to get all 265 questions... scariest feeling ever! i finished all 265 questions within 5.5 hours. i walked out feeling so defeated.

for the next two days i stayed in my bed and did not want to do anything, dramatic i know lol ..... i also looked up other peoples experience with getting 265 questions and felt slightly better when i saw that people still passed.

i didnt have the courage to do the pearson vue trick so i waited for quick results and found out i PASSED!!!!!! within three days my license number posted to the NY BON site!!!

im sharing my experience becuase

-many of us get caught up thinking that we will be done in 75 questions or done in under 100 questions..... this is not always the case... prepare yourself to sit and answer the full 265 or at least 200 questions

-dont get caught up in the type of questions you are getting... everyones experience is different and it is nearly impossible to tell which questions are higher level questions!

- after the test dont be like me and lock yourself from society lol... go out have fun with family and friends!!! the test is over with and you should enjoy life!!! even if you feel you have failed!!

- do at least one test run to your testing site, the less things you have to worry about on test day the better!

- lastly stay focused! and calm! i know this is easier said than done but you can not think if you are overly anxious or nervous!!

Hope this eases someones nerves after taking their test, i know these articles helped me alot after mine.

now to find a job! 😳😮😰

I think I'd have been terrible company those two days. I worked like a crazy person, 12 hours a day between two jobs. I knew I'd failed when I went the distance, and it was harder to burst into tears at work. Whaddaknow? I passed. But honestly, there was no way I could've gone and had fun for those two days.

Great post! And Congrats!

I did all 265 and passed as well. I was so sure I failed that I spent the two days in the library studying to take it again.

The test is a monster that steals your soul and crushes your confidence, but it's worth it. I love being a nurse.


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