Obesity in the Digital Age: Let's "Scale" Back the Misinformation

This article addresses the ongoing obesity epidemic. It comments on how the internet is riddled with harmful and misleading health information when it comes to weight loss advice and discusses basic steps nurses can take to to begin their weight loss journeys.

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9 minutes ago, JKL33 said:

I asked the question because while I would never endorse keto diet, I do recommend lower carb, rationale being that people aren't overeating broccoli (and if they are its of little caloric consequence)--they're overeating carbs, which is very easy to do.

Yes, and it takes a LOT more to burn calories than people think. I was guilty of it until I started keeping better track. We feel so busy (and we are)--we just aren't doing much that really burns calories a lot of the time. I do feel bad for people about this, too. There are numerous different jobs people do that are busy, stressful, degrees of responsibility--stay busy all day, but actually burning a significant amount of calories that would typically be associated with actual exercise?--NO. But then what stinks even more is that many of us are so done at the end of a work day, it takes a significant amount of determination to even think of actual exercise.

People also don't want to hear of a 1200-1400 calorie recommendation for weight loss. Because of the above reasons--they don't feel like they eat much (hear this allllllll day long) and they feel like they are very physically active. But the numbers just aren't going to allow for 2k, 3K+++ calories packed in/24hrs when we are just walking from here to there or sitting at a desk getting up every now and then (or other busy but not truly physically vigorous things people do during their days).

True. I do low carb in general. Eat a lot of keto labeled stuff but not actually trying for keto. But it’s got a lot of fiber which is nice and little to no carb. Mostly vegetarian based food but I’m not vegetarian. It was hard at first but as with all habits gets easier. 

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Tegridy said:

I think we should send obese people to weight loss camp to lose weight. I would sign up for it myself. 

That's not the answer. Lifestyle change is the best for long term weight loss.