Obamacare and Mark of Beast... wrong time to be a nurse?

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Hi, first I apologize if you're a non-Christian person, but since I am and this post is what concerns of, you're free to leave before you read, or discuss with me if you have feedback.

If you have been paying attention to newly passed Obamacare lately, you would notice there's a big fuss about the new care and its mandated requirement for all persons to receive a chip (I believe it was referred to as very chip, typeII, RFID) by 2013, which is the year I will graduate. Of course, I think that receiving the chip would be completely optional, considering that numbers of Christians in this country will certainly refute, but nevertheless, I believe that the countdown has begun for the mark 666. I don't really care too much about Obamacare itself, but the real problem to me is the chip part. Now it is pretty obvious that the hospitals will require nurses, along with physicians and others, to receive this chip in order to keep the job; I can just see that coming. But I don't believe in it, and I will not receive it; I probably leave to some other country.

I am actually pretty worried about this because studying to be a nurse is a back-breaking, lumbar-twisting process, and I hate to think that I have to flush all that effort down the toilet if that damn chip is required. Am I the only person worried about this? Anyways, this thread is not political; I like things both from GOP and Democratic party, but looks like I need to vote someone from GOP who will repeal or at least take out the chip part of the new law.

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People are making way too many jumps that the individual mandate = the government now forcing us to do a myriad of other things, tbh. I don't see where a hospital would make people get one to keep employment, honestly, either.

My other addition would be that I think 'the mark of the beast' is not a computer chip because I don't see how that fits in to the books of Daniel or Revelation, but that's just me.

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I'm not sure what mandate you're reading that tells you everyone gets a chip, but I think it might have been written by someone who has stock in aluminum companies.


A registry for medical devices? YES. You know how we keep seeing those recalls of knees, pacemaker wires, defibrillators etc? Don't you kind of think it's a good idea to keep track of where those went and who is carrying them around in their bodies so they can have them replaced if they're going to malfunction? You do realize that at the very least, the hospitals have that data, right? The DB would keep track of the safety and efficacy of the devices, and potentially be used to trigger recalls.

I like a paranoid metawank as much as the next guy, but this one is OVER THE TOP.

TBS, if I were a medically fragile pt, I'd jump at the chance to have RFID with my data on it. Hospitals don't share DBs, so if I go to the south of my state and have a crisis, they don't know jack about my history. With a flash drive, bracelet, whatever, they could plug it in and have my info.

Google already knows more about you than your doctor does. What's the big deal of having a portable chart?

If it's true, why aren't the Republicans whinnying about this? I haven't heard a single thing from the Teaparty. You think they'd be at the front of the line to get the chip?

It's just the good old internet. Like always.

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I probably leave to some other country.

I see a lot of twitter feeds saying they're going to Canada. I hear it's nice in the summer!

I do think that people like myself could be overreacting to this stuff, but there's a saying thousand leagues start with one step. it is stated in the bill, page something (there's 2700 pages, no way I am gona read it) that medical "device" will be implanted into a person which establishes a medical resgistry database which is directly linked to the information of your bank. that is actually stated. I mean, they are not going to start right off the bat with this, but I think they will build on it little by little. Plus Romney I believe stated that he will repeal this law. my parents are hardcore christians; maybe they are overreacting? who knows

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If you aren't willing to read it, then you can't really know what it says, no?

Here, search it for yourself.


There are sections on fees imposed on medical device manufacturers. Prosthetic devices.

There is a program called CHIP which is Children's Health Insurance Program, not an implantable device.

Nothing about March 23. References to 2013 are about reports to Congress, reports to states, fiscal year budgets, appropriations, fees imposed on policies, audits, adjustment for inflation, fees on insurance providers, public reporting of performance information, etc.

Also, it's 974 pp, not 2700. It's mind-numblingly boring.

If you're going to cite information like chips being required, YOU NEED TO HAVE PAGE NUMBERS to back it up or you look like a looney toon.

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it is stated in the bill, page something (there's 2700 pages, no way I am gona read it)

Then you don't have a leg to stand on. If you can't point specifically to the line (page and paragraph), then you're spreading (unfounded) rumors and I am pretty sure Christianity specifically speaks against that. Do your own research, be sure you know what you're talking about, THEN spread the word.

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Got to keep an eye on this one..

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Got to keep an eye on this one..

I am completely trustworthy, I swear!

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that is actually stated.

Cite it.

"Obamacare" health care legislation requires that everyone be implanted with RFID microchips by 23 March 2013.

False -- Snopes.com: click link for a complete explanation.

When you hear rumors, always check it out on Google.

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Yeah, but Snopes isn't trustworthy because THEY'RE RONG!!!1 They're liberals. IN CALIFORNIA.

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