World Breastfeeding Week

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  3. by   Franksters
    You have GOT to be kidding!!
  4. by   NurseyBaby'05
    Quote from Franksters
    You have GOT to be kidding!!
    Are YOU serious? Have you read any of the evidence based research supporting this? It's not a big secret and shouldn't be too hard to find with a search. The numbers are based on all world populations not just the US. From what I read on the site, they don't strike me as an aggressively radical pro-nursing organization that.

    Thanks for the link prmenrs!
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  5. by   KRVRN
    I know! Why would she be kidding?!
  6. by   Spidey's mom
    Thanks - that is a great website.

  7. by   ElvishDNP
    Like it a lot. I took it to mean that initiating breastfeeding within the 1st hour is a vital part of getting breastfeeding to work...which in turn lowers infant mortality rates worldwide. This is, of course, more pronounced in developing countries, but you can't negate the benefits here either. I'm not a nipple nazi but I do wholeheartedly support efforts to help moms breastfeed successfully. Thanks prmenrs!!
  8. by   mitchsmom
    Thanks - I hadn't seen the WBW 2007 site!!

    And by the way, the .pdf calendar has more interesting details:

    • It has long been known about the benefits of colostrum.
    • New scientific evidence reveals that if all women begin breastfeeding within ONE hour, it could prevent ONE million newborn deaths.
    • Few countries have such data available.
    • We know some of the reasons why women delay breastfeeding.
    • Community workers can play a major role to make it happen.
    • We want to reach every family with the message and that we can do it together.
    • To draw the world’s attention to save ONE million babies beginning with just ONE action, just ONE hour of support and with just ONE message.
    • To encourage establishing breastfeeding within the 1st hour as a key indicator of health progress by all communities, locally and globally.

    Millennium Development Goal 4 (MDG-4) aims at reducing under-five child mortality by two thirds by 2015. According to global data, out of all 10.9 million under-five deaths, roughly 4 million babies die during the first month of life. This means that deaths will have to be brought down considerably within the first month to make a significant dent on the child mortality rates.
    A recent study has shown that if ALL women began breastfeeding within the 1st hour it would save ONE million of the 4 million newborn deaths. This study from rural Ghana, based on 10,947 breastfed singleton infants, has shown that initiation of breastfeeding within the 1st hour of birth reduced the infants’ risk of death1. On the other hand, there was a marked increase in risk
    with increasing delay in initiation. Overall late initiation (after day ONE) was associated with a 2.4-fold increase in risk. Giving pre-lacteal feeds, i.e. something other than mother’s milk before beginning to breastfeed also increased the risk of neonatal mortality. The study conducted on
    babies who survived day ONE, clearly showed that 41% of all babies who die during 2 to 28 days of life can be saved by this simple intervention: beginning breastfeeding within ONE hour of birth. When the deaths of day ONE were included, it showed 22% of all neonatal (0-28 days) deaths could be reduced. In India, for example, this means 250,000 neonates can be saved from
    death annually by just this ONE act. Initiation of breastfeeding within the first hour of birth is thus, the first and most vital step towards reducing infant and under-five mortality."

  9. by   HappyNurse2005
    yay! my baby is due during WBW. so I'll be a proud participant