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I've been reading a lot of birth plans on the web - the one I use with my clients has been currently hijacked by my computer. I know that I include this question on my birth plan about students... Read More

  1. by   NurseMeg
    I'm a nursing student.. on my first day on the postpartum floor, my first patient kindly let me know that she didn't want me to care for her. It really wasn't a big deal. She told me that she had a very "traumatic" birth experience and that she didn't want nursing students or medical students to practice on her. I later found out from her RN that she thought I would be practicing starting IV's on her, LOL!!!
    i agree, every patient has the right to refuse a student.
  2. by   NurseMeg
    Quote from at your cervix
    Oh, no I guess I won't. While we are on the subject of students, isn't it required that students have an instructor with them? We have one school that for the last several months has been sending us students and we have never seen and instructor and I don't feel that I am paid enough to be the RN and the nursing instructor, in addition, I work on a very busy unit and although I am more than willing to let students do procedures (with and instructor) quite honestly, I usually don't have time to teach the students how to do the procedures and supervise them!!!
    OK, now I will stop!!!!!!!!!
    Don't forget about when you were a student!!!
  3. by   smk1
    Quote from MichelleinMA
    With my first child, I would not have been comfortable with students observing the birth. However, after having three babies, I would welcome the opportunity for a student to share in such an incredible experience!

    It's a very individual decision.

    this was exactly how i felt. I was asked if a med student could help deliver and all i could hear from that was INEXPERIENCED! this was my first (and only) baby and i wanted someone who had done this thousands of times. Also i had been in there so long that i was irritable, had been through several shift changes already (docs, cnas and Rns) and had already been through 2 student nurses trying to get my IV and 1 Rn trying 3 times before Iv therapy had to be called. So my "student" experience didn't start out great, and I am ashamed to admit at this point I was rather snippy with the nurses about the IV thing (but dang it HURT being poked 7 times!) I think if i were to have another and it was uncomplicated I wouldn't mind students because now I don't have this overwhelming fear of the unknown. And once she was born i was fine with students coming in doing stuff for me and her (as long as with her i also got to ask the RN and MD questions not just the students.)
  4. by   BETSRN
    Excuse me, but Medicaid patients should have the same rights as everyone else. Why should they be treated any differently or practiced on more than others. In my hospital, we treat everyone the same, no matter what their insurance is. It would seem to me that this is a form of discrimination. Do you encourage your residents etc to completely disregard a patient's rights becuse of their insurance? I don't mean to sound harsh, but I am appalled by your statements above.