Who staffs for C-Sections? - page 2

In our OB unit we are discussing the OB staff circulating and scrubbing in for C-Sections. I would like to hear what other units are doing that do between 500-650 deliveries/year. What is your usual... Read More

  1. by   dawngloves
    I don't know about the labor nurses in my hospital, but neo resident and nurse goes to all C/S.
  2. by   fourbirds4me
    Also wanted to add that we also assist w/sections. Therefore our minimum staff is 3.
  3. by   USA987
    Our staffing is very similar to Carla's with the exception that RT's are not there. For the baby we usually have a nursery nurse and a pediatric hospitalist.

    We have 2400+ deliveries/yr. and a Level II Plus Special Care Nursery...our c-section suites are also in L&D...baby stays with mom even in recovery....

    Staffing does get tricky at times...on occassion a pp nurse is pulled off the floor to help out.
  4. by   webbiedebbie
    I have been in OB since 1989 and have worked many different sized hospitals. My first, we staffed with 2 RN's in L&D and had someone on call for scrubbing sections. We circulated and nursery took care of the baby as well as having an NNP available if needed. Where I am working now, we have 3 RN's, one for PP, one for L&D, and one for Nsy. Sometimes, we have two for L&D. OR does the C/S. L&D nurse goes with Pediatrician for baby. Another hospital I worked at had a scrub tech scheduled in L&D on nights. I don't know what the answer is...when we are short staffed an emergency section can blow us out of the water!
  5. by   Baby Catcher
    500-600 deliveries a year. OR comes in for sections. OB provides a nurse to stand by and assist with baby. OB then admits baby. OR recovers mom in our unit. OR tkes care of setting up and cleaning c/s room. I don't know how they handle there call.