What's The Weirdest Name You've Heard A Patient Name Her Baby? - page 73

Hi, I was wondering about some of those weird names that you've probably encountered in L&D and PP. I remember when I had my maternity rotation a couple of weeks ago, one of the nurses said she... Read More

  1. by   pollyanna83
    I know 3 generations of Fancy Love. Someone should stop the madness!!!
  2. by   mlnrs1
    I remember nurses in my OB rotation in school talking about an odd name they saw a parent give a baby (this reeks of urban legend and I don't really believe it)... the name was Shithead (pronounced Sha-theed)
  3. by   RoxanRN
    Quote from mlnrs1
    I remember nurses in my OB rotation in school talking about an odd name they saw a parent give a baby (this reeks of urban legend and I don't really believe it)... the name was Shithead (pronounced Sha-theed)
    This is a legit name (with the 'Sha-theed' pronounciation) in Egypt (or somewhere in that area).
  4. by   RNfromMS
    My sister was friends with a guy whose sister's name was Kandy Kane (first and last). I worked with a guy who had a family member named Sandy Beach; also worked with a guy named Tommy Thompson and he said he got calls all the time for people with the same name!

    The first time I saw the hispanic name Jesus I did not realize it was pronounced Hay-zoos.

    I've heard of lots of people taking names like of body parts like vagina and spelling them weird so that you don't realize what you're saying when you call the name until it's done. Talk about embarassing. Why would someone do that to a beautiful innocent child.

    I just say..you have 8 or 9 months to come up with something that is unique but liveable. Of course you can't help who they'll marry and then it's their own doing.
  5. by   KatzchenLSW
    Before I went decided to go back to school for nursing, I was a teacher. Some of my students:

    Arriqua (pronounced Erica)
    Pure White Snow (first, middle and last)
    Princess Michael
    Kirsten (only weird because he was a boy!)

    and my all time favorite.....

    Ymunique (pronounced "I'm unique)
  6. by   Alixandra
    Rainy Day Floods.
    My son goes to pre-school with a little boy name SirMichael.
    Ion(pronounced Ian, it was just an unusual spelling, not an unususal name.)
    Erin(for a boy)
    Alexandra and Alexander(twins)
    Nygal and Nygella(also twins)
    Timothia(Im sure I murdered the spelling, girl, named after her father, she just went by Timmy)
    Knew 2 brothers, both were named Jose(one went by Joe the other was Joey)
    Horn D and Horn B(brothers and yes they both went by Horn)
    Rusty Nail and his brother Ben T Nail(they said their parents had a sick sense of humor.)
    Christy Christy(first and last name)
    Broken Glass(don't know, and didn't want to ask about that one)
    Honey(I got this one while working phone support for a major shipping company that required we use the customer's name. I had a hard time asking "How may I help you today Honey" without busting up. Thank god for the mute button is all I have to say.)
    Poopy(another one from phone support)
    Buster Move
    April Flowers
    Genie N Bottle
    My name Taryn isn't as unusual as it once was but I hated it when people wouldn't pronounce my name correctly, even after I corrected them, I used to work the phones and got used to responding to anything they called me that was close to my name(Karen, Sharon, Erin, Tara, etc.) It didn't and still doesn't bother me when I give my name verbally but when my name is written down there is no excuse. I had a PE teacher(who had my name correctly written down on his roll sheet) in 8th grade who called me Trevor the entire school year, being female I though that was odd and no matter how many times I correected him he still called me Trevor, I finally gave up correcting him. The worst was when my name was pronounced Tar'n, usually by a teacher on the first day of school or a sub. There was always at least one smart arse(who always thought he/she was the only one to have come up with it) who would call me Tar'n Feathers.
    I feel bad for some of these kids having to grow up with some of these names. I was teased enough and my name wasn't even that strange.

  7. by   frazkw
    chlamydia, king david, & miss greta. Poor kids!!
  8. by   chocolatepoppy
    NurseDennie: yes, I too have heard the,'Lemonjello' (pronounced: "le'mahn'jell-o")..a close colleague of mine knew of a family who pinned this name on their son..she also knew of a(get this) ,'pajama' (pronounced: "pay'juh'may")from the same area(Pine Bluff,Arkansas)..dear me...I suppose it's all in keeping with the "need" to be different? I personally knew of a patient named, "Ova"...my oh my oh my....
  9. by   CDH504
    i dont think anything is worse than abcde. you see-it pronounced (ab-cu-dee). terrible.
  10. by   unquenched
    I once met a woman named Andrea. Her maiden name was Maxwell. And guess who she married? A man with the last name of House. Andrea Maxwell House.:chuckle And oddly enough she hated coffee!
  11. by   snow8k
    My patient named her baby PLACENTRIVIA CAESAR..u knw probably why she got that name...poor baby...
  12. by   Mimi2RN
    Charisma............... How do you say something nice when the parents inflict an odd name on a baby? This was mom's choice, and she was very sure.....just not sure of the spelling, so it could be worse! Maybe she'll turn into Kari, though!
  13. by   KellNY
    Erin(for a boy)
    Not too uncommon. Irish I think.