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Hi, I was wondering about some of those weird names that you've probably encountered in L&D and PP. I remember when I had my maternity rotation a couple of weeks ago, one of the nurses said she... Read More

  1. by   JeanettePNP
    Quote from cassioo
    I did not know Dorkus was a saint but there was a girl 2 years ahead of me in highschool and that was her name (I'm over 40)
    I believe it's spelled Dorcas.
  2. by   NurseRachy
    Hi - This is a Turkish name spelt Farty but pronounced "Far-too"
    Unfortunate spelling in English...
  3. by   melanie1126
    Not my patient, but I've heard of ABCDE (pronounced ab-se-dee).

    I went to school with a girl named Summer who's stepfather's last name was Somer (pronounced Summer). She ended up legally taking his last name and after that she was never just called by her 1st name, it was always "Summer Summer".
  4. by   lovablelvn
    I have been a silent on looker but had to add this one...

    Mellow-Penelope Poppy Mae

    Wow that's alot... to me anyway.
    Then of course we always have the car names, Mercedes, Porche, so on but a few weeks ago we had a dad that wanted to name their son after a car and rims so they ended up with Giovianni (the rims) Yukon. Do people really think of this stuff? :roll
  5. by   emsboss
    Not really weird...just...unusual, my youngest sister is named "Junna" My great-great-great grandmother was named this. In all my travels I have never seen this name any where else. BTW...For those that pray...She has a lot of psyc issues ...Please pray for her. THANX!
  6. by   jaix
    i also know someone who goes by the name ABCD (pronounced as ab-see-dee)... hmmmm...dunno what his parents were thinking...or were they thinkin' at all??? hehehe...
  7. by   MamaTheNurse
    I took care of a little old lady in her late 80's who had a twin sister - when they were born, they were so little they were named "Mattie Teeny" and "Hattie Tiny" (but I don't remember which one I was taking care of..... "

    I've posted this on other threads but when I was pregnant, my husband would tell people I was having twin boys and we were going to name them "Richard (Dick)" and "Rodney (Rod)" or he would say we were having a girl and naming her "Sofonda". Our last name? "Peters"!!!

    (Actually, we named our sons John & Michael, which really stand out (seriously) because no one names their kids those names anymore...............
  8. by   ghingerz1208
    I know somebody named her first daughter Asia and the second daughter she named her America Serenity Charisma.
  9. by   rn/writer
    Quote from teddybear_scrubs
    Hi all! This is the first post I have ever made. I usually just look.....but I have to say that I cannot believe Miranda is being put in with the weird name thread.......this is my name by the way, and while it is not that common, I have never thought of it as weird, I had a girl in my high school graduating class named this also.... oh well :spin:.
    Yeah, I'm hoping you put Miranda in with the other names just because she was part of the family and not because you think it's wierd.

    I love my name. It's normal enough that people can spell and pronounce it, but it's still rare enough that it's special.

    Miranda is a great name - not weird at all. I work with one whose nickname is "Randi".

    I got called Randy in grade school and I HATED it. Probably because there were three boys in my grade with the same name and they were all dorks.

    Now my only nicknames are Mir (rhymes with fir, not Meer like the space station) or Mirry. Didn't think about how it sounds like Murray until someone asked me if that was my real name. Oh well, it beats Randy, which your co-worker can have all to herself.
  10. by   NoMoreStudying
    I ran into a little boy names Jaremi (jeremy) at the dentist last week. The mom checked in for "Jeremy, j-a-r-e-m-i." and I had to pause to think about it.

    In fact, I'm really tired of hearing we're naming the baby "---" but we haven't decided how to spell it yet. Except in the cases where there are multiple spellings, this is not a decision you need to make.

    And who wants to unnecessarily introduce themselves as "firstname, f-i-r-s-t-n-a-m-e" You become a spelling lesson, not unique.
  11. by   Sis123
    "Having been named an ODD name (I have only met one other woman with this dang name) I'd like to advocate for the child here.... and so please give that child a halfway "normal" name?" This is what I like to say to friends.

    Sis (my nickname), but who longs to be "Jane"
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  12. by   epiphany
    Quote from amyrn36
    I had a woman bring her son into the er one night and his name was Iam WhoIAm. Poor kid!!
    Poor poor kid.
  13. by   DrugReptoNurse
    I have a friend who works for the county courthouse in rural Alabama that processes all of the birth certificates for the local babies. The 3 strangest names she came across were

    Pronounced Lamyjelo.....spelled Limejello

    Pronounced Orangalo spelled Orangejello

    Pronounced Shethead spelled Shithead

    No kidding....I feel bad for these kids when their names are called during homeroom......yuck!