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Hi, I was wondering about some of those weird names that you've probably encountered in L&D and PP. I remember when I had my maternity rotation a couple of weeks ago, one of the nurses said she... Read More

  1. by   jdeleon_rn
    I had a neighbor named Attorney Lawyer. Yep, last name is Lawyer (for real!)
  2. by   texas_lvn
    I went to school with a guy last name Bater, first Master. Poor guy changed his name at 18 to Kyle.
  3. by   futureTMA
    Insert standard Dave Barry Disclaimer(TM) = I'm not making this up

    This name was in the phonebook but I don't know about now: Harry Dawg. Currently there is a Goofy Dawg in the phonebook. Some old friends of our family named their son Ezekiel Angus, while some other friends went with Menthol Latham. My cousin just had a baby daughter that they named Flora Bell after the mother's great grandma who hated her name. I met a guy whose name was Cash and his wife's was Cary.

    I don't think these have been posted yet, but Frank Zappa named his kids Diva Zappa, Moon Unit Zappa, Dweezil Zappa and Ahmet Zappa. There's also the Phoenix family (real name here); River Phoenix (River Jude Bottom), Leaf Phoenix (Joaquin Rafael Phoenix), Summer Joy Phoenix (<-real name and had a son named Indiana August Affleck named for late brother and married to Casey Affleck, Ben's brother), Rain(bow) Phoenix (Rain Joan of Arc Phoenix had a son named Jonas Winter) and Liberty Phoenix (Libertad Mariposa Phoenix and has kids named Rio Everest Phoenix, Indigo Orion Phoenix and Scarlette Jasmine Phoenix-Asch). I'm sure that last part is as clear as mud, maybe I should make it into a flowchart
  4. by   isabing
    My daughter came home last night and told us there was a new kid in the neighborhood. His name is Chaos.
  5. by   Kalico
    I once talked to a gentleman whose first name was Harry and last name was Dick....His parents must have hated him
  6. by   Ginyer
    Went to school with a Bonner Feller...yes his nickname was Boner Feeler (sorry if he or his mother sees this)
  7. by   LeahJet
    I am from the south and it seems there are a lot of 'eccentric' people there that name their children all kinds of things.....
    I knew of a:
    Penny Dollar
    Candy Barr
    Forrest Meadows
    Dilbert (Dill) Pickle
  8. by   midwife2b
    A couple of my favorites:

    Tropicana Tabasco (named because her mom could only drink the orange juice); not really sure why "Tabasco". When she was about 8 she had a baby brother she named "Rainbow". Still see members of this family and its been almost 20 years!@
    My all time favorite is 15 or so years ago we were putting a woman to sleep for a crash C-birth. She woke up in recovery and said she heard the most beautiful name: Meconium. So poor Meconium Delight Jones is somewhere...
  9. by   BETSRN
    Quote from rnlabornurse4u
    i decided, since the 2nd "strange baby names" thread was getting so long, let's start another.


    twins from last night - gypsy and cinnamon. (what a great start to their porn/stripper careers)

    orion - (baby boy) - ok, this one did have a romantic, constellation engagement story behind it, so it's not so bad, but still a strange, out-there name.

    orzio - another baby boy - poor kid

    and, drumroll please..................... :hatparty:

    happy birthday to the winner of the year:

    queen messiah jesus christ

    oh yes, that was the baby's full, legal name for the birth certificate. oh how wonderful.

    give me a few more births to attend at work, and i'm sure to have more to add. i have definitely noticed a trend towards the unusual/unique names lately. some of them sound and look just like random letters thrown together, that i can't even recall them once i get home.

    the poor, poor kids........

    l&d rn
    took care of a baby nevaeh last night. that is heaven spelled backwards!
  10. by   JAHJF
    We recently had a patient named Harry Johnson and I took care of a Babe Ruth once.
  11. by   sddlnscp
    Quote from BETSRN
    Took care of a baby Nevaeh last night. That is Heaven spelled backwards!
    My best friend's daughter is name Nevaeh - she was named after a relative of Native American background - they said it is an old family name. I had never heard it before, but apparently it's been around for a while.
  12. by   Katnip
    My oldest son had a teacher named Mrs. Butt. Her husband's name was Harry. Yes, Harry Butt.

    There is a GYN doc in Virginia named Harry C. Beaver. (I'm not making this up. Everybody knows him.)

    When I was pregnant the first time, we had a baby name book. Two (three actually) names that they knew of that were awful:

    IfJesushadnotdiedforyoursinsthouwouldstbedamedBare bones. Kid eventually shortened his name to Damned Barebones.

    And twin girls in Texas: Kate and Duplikate.

    I can't attest personally to tha last two since they were published in a book and I didn't know them personally.
  13. by   palesarah
    Quote from cyberkat
    And twin girls in Texas: Kate and Duplikate.
    That's hillarious!!!