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Hi, I was wondering about some of those weird names that you've probably encountered in L&D and PP. I remember when I had my maternity rotation a couple of weeks ago, one of the nurses said she... Read More

  1. by   TRINI_RN
    Quote from steelcityrn
    Has to be DORCUS for a baby girl...
    Hey! I think that's a name from the movie "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers". LOL, love that movie.............the name.................not so much!
  2. by   breastisbest14
    I too had a patient name a 10 lb, 23 inch African American baby BOY Precious, his brother's name was Angel, the other Prince! Talon, Sunny Day, Stormy Water. So many strange I tend to forget them all!
  3. by   breastisbest14
    Oh, almost forgot this one. Pt from Vietnam, barely spoke English. Had twin boys. Named them Tomson and Johnson after the MD and CRNA (last names). We tried to explain that these are usually last names, but she insisted on them! Also just had a Satchel (Dad was a baseball fan). If my cousin would have had a boy, wanted to name him Troy Michael Emmit (then last name) after Dallas Cowboy players! He has 2 dogs named Ruben and Sierra (after the ex Tx Ranger!) Don't you love Talladega (sp?) Nights with Will Ferrell? The boys are named Walker and Texas Ranger!!!!!
  4. by   ohmeowzer RN
    my cousin had triplet girls named keeley , kateri, and kamillah and they had 4 sisters named kashi, korin, and kotten and the oldest girl kandell .. their last name is knight.. and both the mom and dad have K names.. they are now trying for a boy ..
  5. by   evergr33n16
    Oh, I've heard some good ones:

    Gerkey Pearl (girl)
    Cashmere & Capability (twin boys)
    Player (boy)
    Chief (boy)

    People can be so out there.
  6. by   lupin
    Working in the ER I have run upon some interesting names, some pretty, some weird and some downright wrong.
    Sister and Brother (first names for fraternal twins, parents are fundamental Baptist I believe.)
    Tabitha Katz (nickname is Tabby)and her sister Allie
    Beanie for a first name
    Mya Surprise
    Femaley (I am not kidding)
    Richard Robert (You guessed it, his nickname was Ricky Bobby like the character off "Taladega Nights")
    Lee P. Not altogether unusual but when I asked mom what the P stood for while making conversation she said "Pi$$er". She wasn't a very happy person and said his first name was supposed to be Lil' since that's what he did all over her when they placed him on her stomach after delivery. She then told me the "nosy nurses" at the hospital called in a social worker to talk to her about her "disposition" toward the child so she just changed it to Lee to make everyone happy. Yeesh.
    Dodo (That's my aunt, Lola. Her younger sibs couldn't pronounce the L and it came out Dodo. The lady is in her 70s and we still call her that.)
    Haden Wright Sommer Pierce. Sounds like a law firm.
    Three nurses that I work with who joke they all trained with Flo Nightingale are named Kitty, P*ssy, and Flossy. We all call them "Miss ___" when we address them.
    I'm pregnant with my first child and we've decided on Jack for the first name. The middle name took some time to figure out. We at first thought Russell would be a good middle name (named after my DH's late grandfather) until his grandmother pointed out the obvious error that would be.
    Parents should remember that nicknames will also stick with the child way beyond their childhood. My name is Elizabeth but my parents and grandparents nicknamed me Betty. I had a great-aunt named Betty also. So they called her Big Betty and me Little Betty. To this day, I still am called Little Betty by that side of the family. They even address gifts and cards that way. I like it though, even though I am six inches taller and about 50lbs heavier than Big Betty.
    My poor Dad was called "Eddie" when he was a child and his family still call him that today.
  7. by   santhony44
    Quote from evergr33n16
    Chief (boy)
    Believe it or not, I have a relative named that! The really funny thing is that when I was little, I misheard the name and called him "Cheese!"
  8. by   cassioo
    I don't know if I listed this one before or not but a lady at the community college her name is Gay and she's married to a man who has the last name of Midget so calling and asking for her on the phone is strange but everybody knows who it is. I did have to laugh the first time I was told to call and ask for Gay Midget (she takes care of temp employees payroll)
  9. by   MommieAmanda
    A friend of mine named her 2nd daughter Sunnie Rain - because she likes when it rains and you can still see the sun. My cousins grandfather on their dad's side is Steven Stevens - why would you do that to your child?
  10. by   crissrn27
    My ex-husband's new wife decided to name their first child, my first sons (from my marriage to him), middle name. Then, she named her second son, my second sons (from my marriage to him) middle name. That was confusing wasn't it?

    So my boys names are Nicholas Brandon, and their son is Brandon Lynn
    and my child is Jacob Alan, and their second son is Alan Lee. Weird girl. Who wants to copy cat the ex-wife? Oh, and my middle name is Lynn, also. And I did make sure she knew all this before she went ahead with it.

    My friend named her son Storm, and 5 years later named her daughter Summer.
  11. by   alicewhitt
    An antepartum patient expecting her third daughter was planning to name her Lexus. Her other daughters were Porche and Mercedes.
    I guess that's just how she rolled...
  12. by   danissa
    Avalanche Hurricane! Just heard that this morning, from our hospital! What?????
  13. by   blueberrybon
    I've met a first name: Beautiful, last name: Hill (True!)

    and first name: Xero (pronounced Zero) last name: Poor (True!!!)

    Poor Xero!!!!

    I've also met a couple of Precious'