What part of your job do you enjoy most/least?

  1. Hey All,

    I am pre-pre-req's, just starting the research process of becoming a nurse. I keep toggling between med-surg and ob-gyn. So, if you don't mind, I would love to know what part of your job do you enjoy the most.


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  3. by   mcleanl
    clocking out
  4. by   psu_213
    Most: making a difference in people's lives (I know that sounds like an interview answer, but it's true)

    Least: people who say their pain "isn't that bad....kinda more a pressure than a pain...probably ONLY an 8 out of ten"
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  5. by   JenniferSews
    I feel like I make a difference over time in my patient's lives. I see some truly amazing recoveries, and with therapy I am an intricate part of that recovery.

    What I hate? Knowing my patient needs something, but having to wait for someone else to respond and write the orders. I imagine it's the same annoyance other nurses experience.
  6. by   an2on
    Quote from mcleanl
    clocking out
    Lol wow
  7. by   BobcatRN
    Love: delivering babies, job security

    Hate: charting, overbearing families that don't think they apply to the visiting rules, charting, being constantly understaffed, getting no more money but more and more responsibility, charting.
  8. by   psu_213
    Quote from BobcatRN
    Love: delivering babies, job security

    Hate: charting, overbearing families that don't think they apply to the visiting rules, charting, being constantly understaffed, getting no more money but more and more responsibility, charting.
    Charting I can (usually) deal with....it's double/triple charting I can't stand. Of course that might be why you mentioned it three times
  9. by   Do-over
    Love: everything except charting and under-staffed shifts

    Dis-like: charting and under-staffing. (Hate is too strong of a word for me, there is very very little that I actually hate)
  10. by   ElvishDNP
    Like: when my patients tell me things like, "Even if you hadn't been my nurse, it would still have been fantastic to meet you". Watching new families form.

    Dislike: Seeing women in situations where the deck of cards is stacked against them. Sending babies home to those same situations. Having to follow policies and/or do things ordered by people who have clearly not spent any recent time at the bedside.
  11. by   NewTexasRN
    Love: I'm an orthopedic nurse. So I love to medicate my pt's for pain and they often thank me for doing that. It might not seem like a big deal but it makes me feel as if I have a purpose. I like to do teaching. I like the fact that pts are respectful and listen to me. I like the idea of learning a new skill. I like to be goofy and silly with my co-workers too!!! I make them laugh when they are having a bad night or day.

    Dislike: Administration! When I'm being put into unsafe situations. The fact that healthcare has become about greed and making money and the people running the show are big exec's who has never has worked the floor a day their life.
  12. by   NaKcl
    like- taking care of patients. I don't mind cleaning up poops and vomits, patients needed care that is why they came to the hospital. I like to see my patients condition improves during the hopitalization. I like to see them bathed, changed and looking fresh. I like to see them getting sincere attention from the doctors.
    I like my payday

    Dislike- lazy staff members, cattiness , back stabbing among staffs, and having short staffs. I hate when those doctors take forever to come see a patient who has been waiting for all day to get discharged. I do not like those ignorant patients and families that they are the only patient in the whole unit. It is heart breaking to see those patients, especially older patients, with stage 3-4 decubitis. Ridicuolus amount of chartings... they come out with new rules all the time!!!!
  13. by   mondragon
    Like : I am a psych nurse and love helping patients feel safe,get their meds regulated,get them thru detox,help them with depression.The patients are always grateful. Dislikes: having needs assessment bring a patient to the unit and leave the patient sitting in the hallway and they leave,no report given and sometimes no paperwork (health hx,allergies,etc),or bring 2 patients at the same time.
  14. by   irishrnbsn
    I was told to do Med/Surg when first coming out of nursing school and I did, but unfortunately hospitals aren't the way they used to be. I became a nurse because I wanted to be able to move around to different specialties. At the time I applied for my current position in Progressive Care Unit (I wanted ICU) I had 4 years of med/surg/telemetry experience. When I sent in my application, it was automatically kicked back to me with a generic email saying I didn't have ICU experience. I applied for PCU, same thing, the only reason I got a job was through a friend of a friend. I was told by an HR employee that they would rather hire a new grad for ICU than an experienced nurse. Basically, just know that depending on the health system, you may be pigeon holed into whatever specialty you pick first. I am having problems even transferring within the system, you apply for say an ED internship and again, you get a generic email back with no reason as to why they aren't even willing to talk or meet with you, you can't talk to a person, it's extremely frustating. Keep this in mind.

    Other than that, those are 2 very different specialties. I only did OB/GYN in nursing school and honestly didn't want to get so personal with the female anatomy. Med/Surg is interesting, I have seen alot of different illnesses, wounds, procedures etc. You can also get a lot of the more unsavory characters in med/surg. I'm not saying it's all glitter and unicorns in OB/GYN, but it can get rough in med/surg. Just depends on what you are looking for.