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Almost 30 year old Chrisitan wife and mother of 4. Just beginning my journey into the nursing field.

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  1. GirlDotson

    Who all is waiting to apply/hear back for Fall 2012?

    I was chosen to be an alternate. Not an absolute "no", but still, not a yes either. I applied only at the community college I did my pre-req's at, and they got around 400 or so applications this semester, but only accept 48 students. I am going to call Monday and see how far down the list I am. Good luck and congrats to every one!
  2. GirlDotson

    Made the Dean's List!

    Thank you, NS3109! I have AllNurses on my FB, and here is a link they posted the other day to a link here on the foum: https://allnurses.com/nurses-with-disabilities/just-us-others-691892.html
  3. GirlDotson

    Tallahassee Community College- Fall 2012

    I have applied. I took the HESI on May 4th, and then again on the cut-off day, May 7th. It wasn't bad at allo. I just wanted to get as high a score as possible. I hear there is a record number of applicants for the Fall 202 semester. How did you do on your HESI? I have a combined score of 142, wo we'll just have to wait and see. Good luck to you!
  4. GirlDotson

    Tallahassee Community College Nursing Program

    I wish TCC looked at more than just GPA and HESI scores. I just got my letter congratulating me on making the Dean's List. Super excited about it, but it stinks it won't help me get in to the program, you know? TallyMom, I heard it's already ofver 500. Can you believe that?! You would think community college prorams would be easier to get into than university's, but TCC is serious! Lisa, I am about 8 classess away from my AA. I am not sure if I will pursue it or not. I am going to see how nursing school plays out first. I though about maybe taking some classes this summer, but I needed a break after the last two semesters, lol. And I figured if I am going to be bustin' toosh this fall in the program, I should enjoy this break while I have the chance!
  5. GirlDotson

    Made the Dean's List!

    I have to say, after this semester, I am thrilled that at this accomplishment! I was hospitalized the second week of classes this semester due to bipolar meds needing to be adjusted, then I missed two weeks in a row the last month of classes for an emergency surgrey. (The recovery was AWFUL!) Last semester I got acknowledged for Academic Honors, and we stoked, but this really brought tears to my eyes. Now I know that if I don't make it into the nursing program, it isn't because of something I did or didn't do. Thanks for reading!
  6. GirlDotson

    Scores too low!!!

    Thank you, Juliansmom!
  7. GirlDotson

    Who all is waiting to apply/hear back for Fall 2012?

    Good luck to everyone!! I know this is agonizing!!!
  8. GirlDotson

    Who all is waiting to apply/hear back for Fall 2012?

    Our dedline was Monday, so I have along wait in front of me. They say to allow 4 - 8 weeks for a response....Trying to stay -positive. Good luck all who are waiting, and congrats to those who already got in! GirlDotson
  9. GirlDotson

    Help! Taking the Exit Hesi for the second time

    Wow! You were so close! Is there a way to see what areas you need to work on? IF so start there. Any areas you know you were weak in, definitely go back and do some extra work there. I wish you the best of luck!!! GirlDotson
  10. GirlDotson

    Scores too low!!!

    As it turns out, I miscalculated my scores, and I have 142 out or 160. I am happier with that. I still may not get in, but at least I know I did MY best. As far as the second time around, it was exactly the same test. I thought they would change it. I don't know if it is the same for everyone, but it was thee exct same strories, vocab, and grammar. The math had a few different problems, but was the same for the most part. Good luck to you, as well.
  11. GirlDotson

    Can you help me figure my score?

    I am applying to Tallahassee Comunity College for the Fall 2012 semester. My GPA is 3.25. Here are my HESI scores: Grammar - 92 Reading Comp. - 88 Math - 92 Vocab - 94 Now, I know you get an additional 5 points added to each A, and 3 points added to each B, but does that mean this: 92 + 5 = 97 92 + 5 = 97 94 + 5 = 99 88 + 3 = 91 Then divided by 4 to get an average of 96, and then add your gpa for a total cumlative points of 128 out of 160? OR is it 92 + 92 + 94 + 88 = 366 / 4 = 91.5 and THEN add the bonus points like this: 91.5 + 5 + 5 + 5 + 3 = 141.5 out of 160? I appreciate any help. Also, Has anyone gotten in the TCC program with either of these scores? Thanks in advance!
  12. GirlDotson

    Scores too low!!!

    Just an update I retook the HESI today, adn I did score better, but I am afraid my overall scores will not make the cut when they start going through applicants. This time I scored as follows: Grammar - 92 Reading - 88 Math - 92 Vocab - 94 With my combined gpa and the bonus points my school gives, I only have a score of 129, no where close the the lowest score I've seen get in at TCC. Really bummed. I did the best I could. Now I just wait....for what I'm not sure.
  13. GirlDotson

    Scores too low!!!

    I have a gpa of 3.25, and scored 90.5 on the HESI today. With the extra points our shcool gives, my total score is ONLY 127, with 160 being top score possible. The school only accepts 40 students per semester, and there are already between 300 - 400 applicants, so competition is very high. From what I understand, they average score getting in is 156. Even if I score perfect on the HESI when I retake it Monday, I can't get over 152. Reading Comp - 88 Grammar - 88 Math - 90 Vocab - 96 I'm really, really upset by my low scores. I did pretty goood on the math, way better than I every anticpated doing (thanks to the help of my 15 year old daughter!). I struggled with conclusions in the reading comp area, and with figuring which word was correct, like lay or lie, sit or sat, those kinds of questions. Other than grammar and math, there isn't really anything else to study. It's sor of like either you know it or you don't...right? Anyhow, thanks for "listening". GirlDotson
  14. GirlDotson

    Parts of speech

    Thank you!
  15. GirlDotson

    Parts of speech

    I'm studying for the HESI next week, and I was wondering how in depth the grammar section gets in regards to parts of speech. If any one wouldn't mind letting me know how theirs was, I would really appreciate it. Thanks!
  16. GirlDotson

    Tallahassee Community College Nursing Program - Fall 2012

    I just finished all my pre-req's. I go this coming week to take the HESI. I have the evolove Study Guide, and so far, I feel pretty good about it. There are definitely some things I need to brush up on, but I feel pretty good about it all-in-all. My GPA is just a 3.3, so I am going to have to bust a$$ on the HESI in order to get in. Only 40 spots, you know. I went to the information session last month, and Diane Douglas said they already had near 300 applicants. THAT is what scares me! A perfect score is 160, so the most I can possibly get is 153 points, and that is with a PERFECT HESI score, which is NOT likely, lol. It's okay, though. I made it though Dr. Beregowitz for A&P 1 & 2, so the HESI should be a peice of cake, LOL!!! P.S. Good luck to everyone trying to get in!!